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  1. Mini reviews of Mach E, ID.4, and Volvo Xc40 Recharge

    Three Electric S.U.V.s With Tesla in Their Sights
  2. Trip Report -- Ski weekend in the mountains with the Mach-E

    Overview I have a RWD Extended Range Premium Mach E. This was a pretty hard test for the Mach E. We drove from suburban MD to the Bryce Ski Resort in Virginia, which was about 115 miles round trip. We did some local trips in Virginia (including going to a Wal Mart to charge). We had 5 people in...
  3. Unable to sign up for FordPass Charging Network? One fix

    I was unable to sign up for the FordPass Charging network, always getting this error: I called the 800 number listed on the page but after 15 minutes on hold I gave up. My solution is to go to your Wallet ( ) and add a new credit card. Make sure...
  4. Got mine in Maryland! First impressions inside

    Overall I ordered the Premium RWD. It came in yesterday, right when the Ford site said it would. I picked it up today and drove around for a few hours and then struggled with the electronics this evening. Super happy I got this car. It’s awesome, and the things that aren’t awesome can be fixed...