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  1. Settings not sticking?

    Anyone else having problems with settings not sticking? For me, it's: - Rear View Camera Delay (on) - Auto Hold (off) - Auto Ambient Light Selection (off) Every time I start the car again, they're back to the opposite selection... Ugh
  2. Backup Start Code doesn't work without connectivity?

    As I wrote here, PaaK doesn't always work as intended, so having the backup entry code and backup start code is important. My wife took my son to a park with pretty poor connectivity and I think the app froze, so she wasn't able to unlock the car. Not a problem, she knew the entry code and the...
  3. Factory Door Unlock Code?

    I searched the forums but didn't see anyone ask this question. How do you find out the factory door unlock code? Since the owner's manual is electronic, there was nothing in my glove compartment aside from the window sticker and parts origin sticker. The manual mentions an owner's card? Am I...
  4. Feature Request: Change Bluetooth Connection on Profile Change or Allow Multiple Bluetooth Connections

    Phone-as-a-Key is a really good feature and I know that it'll be more sustainable over time. When a phone connects as a key to unlock the car, it's also generally the closest one to the car. For a single driver/user, this is fine, but when you have multiple phones/keys, the car doesn't know...
  5. Disable honk on auto-lock

    I like that I can walk away from the car and it will auto-lock. But I don't like the car horn honking as it's really loud and annoying in a quiet neighborhood. I haven't been able to find the setting; does anyone know how to turn this off?
  6. X-Plan calculation?

    I know everyone's excited about the MME and getting the best price... I certainly am! As my order delivery gets closer, I'm looking through all my options for leasing. But one thing stood out to me and maybe my math is off. With the X-Plan, the pricing is supposed to be: invoice - (0.4% x...