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  1. rockatansky

    What am I missing?

    I just checked Plugshare, and it appears there aren't any fast chargers between Houston and Brenham on 290. (I'm not familiar with the route you're taking so forgive, if I've gotten the highway wrong.) So, there are no fast chargers to show you. All I see are destination chargers at a few hotels...
  2. rockatansky

    Fast Charging at Electrify America: Lessons learned

    Last week, we took our first road trip. During one of the charging sessions, an older gentleman came up to me to talk about the car. Almost all of his questions revolved around taking trips and the time/cost to charge when on those trips. I answered those questions, but kept reminding him that...
  3. rockatansky

    Rear ended in Hit & Run
  4. rockatansky

    Charging infrastructure proposal details released

    I live just outside Sacramento. When visiting my sister in Colorado Springs, I would drive I-80 and take a right at Cheyenne. Now, ABRP routes me on I-80 until SLC. Then routes me down to I-70 the rest of the way to Denver, due to the lack of fast chargers in Wyoming. At least now the drive...
  5. rockatansky

    Don't open if your faint of heart... Mach-E Crash

    Especially from these guys.
  6. rockatansky

    Frunk Performance

    We have a road trip planned for later this month, and were just this morning discussing doing something like this. Your test results solidified our decision to give it a go. Thanks!
  7. rockatansky

    How much range/hour are people getting on 110

    I get around 3mi per hour of charge.
  8. rockatansky

    Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    i've never used it. balance went from 250 -> 500
  9. rockatansky

    Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    Just checked today, and my app is showing 500 kWh.
  10. rockatansky

    More Android Auto Apps on the way

    Looks like Google is opening up Android Auto, and letting more apps publish to the platform. From the screenshots, it looks like Plugshare, Chargepoint, and ABRP integration is on the way.
  11. rockatansky

    First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    I did not get a notification on my android. The only way I knew I got it was by opening the app.
  12. rockatansky

    Dog setting off car alarm

    My terrier likes to walk under the rear bumper, when returning from a walk. Since I have my phone (PaaK) on me, this will trigger the motion sensor and cause the liftgate to open.
  13. rockatansky

    dumb question on valet mode

    my understanding is the valet code is good, and reusable, until the car is taken out of valet mode. they'll need to make note of the code to use when they retrieve the vehicle. it may even be viewable in the FordPass app, so you can remind them. no need to give them the phone or key fob. i...
  14. rockatansky

    Mach E storage space

    It'll hold 8 banana boxes with the seats up. This article should help visualize storage for luggage.
  15. rockatansky

    My Journey's is always empy

    Same for me. But, my Android phone indicated that the app needed access to my location at all times, not just when the app was open. Not sure if there's an equivalent setting on your iPhone.