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  1. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    I want my Mach-E!!!!! Gaaaaaah Good for all the people getting theirs and sharing about it but I WANT MINE
  2. Android Will Power Ford Vehicle Navigation Starting in 2023

    UPDATED WITH FORD PRESS RELEASE: Ford and Google to Accelerate Auto Innovation, Reinvent Connected Vehicle Experience Ford and Google come together in first-of-its-kind partnership to create unique services and capabilities for Ford and Lincoln customers, and to accelerate Ford’s...
  3. Mach-E Media / Press Drive Reviews Coming Mid-December, Deliveries Starting Dec 21

    Journalists are starting to get into the Mach-E but there is a media embargo on all content until mid-December. [Admin Edit] -- Also, from user @hybrid2bev: Yep, that's my take away from the meeting too. I also liked the comment about how one of the journalists liked the vehicle so much that...