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  1. Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    My dealer wanted $5K in ADM. I'm sorry, but that's not worth it to me so I'd rather wait. Cancelled my order.
  2. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    I like the Mach E better than the Model Y. It's a bit cheaper and seems to have more features. And I love having dual screens.
  3. Watch the Live Stream Here: 2021 Mustang Mach-E Reveal

    Request to reserve sent. Now it's a waiting game. Looking into getting the First Edition in Grabber Blue.
  4. Watch the Live Stream Here: 2021 Mustang Mach-E Reveal

    I've already put my kid to sleep... can't wait for the LIVE stream!
  5. Ford Mustang Mach E vs Tesla Model Y

    Also need to compare the ability to get the car fixed if it's damaged. Tesla is notorious for taking a long time to get it fixed. Plus, there are a lot more "service centres" for Ford than there are for Tesla. Supercharging network is also a factor. Tesla has an amazing one. But the biggest...
  6. How will Ford get over ‘Range Anxiety’

    In advance of our first EV purchase, I got the 240V plug put-in my a certified electrician. It cost me less than $200.
  7. Official Mach E Pricing / Trims

    Premium would hit the sweet spot for me. Just wish it came with 18" tires options.