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  1. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    Yeah, based on the news that EU deliveries had been pushed back, combined with the earlier US timeline for Select and Route 1, my guess is that they will use the first run to fulfill as many US orders as possible.
  2. “Order Accepted”

    I submitted my order on 6/26 and am still waiting on them to accept it. I've been talking to the EV specialist and he keeps telling me he's waiting to "hear back from his manager" about what to do next.
  3. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Order #10004214 6/27/20 USA (MD) Space White Premium AWD Standard Range

    The red looks like a Select too, but with the comfort/appearance package that includes aero wheels and a black roof.
  5. Rt 1 vs Premium

    That's fair, having the extended battery and the option of pre-conditioning the cabin while charging makes the lack of heated sets less of a deal breaker. Personally I was always looking at the standard battery AWD right around the low end of my comfortable range, so relying on just resistive...
  6. Rt 1 vs Premium

    It's a shame anyone is selling BEVs without heated seats. My base trim 2012 VW Golf had them standard.
  7. Mach-E customer order bank will open June 26!

    One interesting note - anyone else see that both Select and Route 1 models were listed as available in "Late 2020" when you edit your reservation configuration?
  8. Dark Matter Gray Mach-E now available in reservation configurator

    I was just poking around in the configuration tool while waiting for the order bank to pop up. Dark Matter Gray Metallic is now available as an option, apparently for Premium as well. Could be a mistake since I'm pretty sure this is only a GT color?