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  1. Demo of startup video / opening sequence graphics (on screens)

    That shiny screen attracts a lot of dust and is full of fingerprints, same problem the e-tron has in many of the reviews I’ve seen. Don’t know if Tesla does it in any different way.
  2. New Competition Audit Q4 E-Tron Sportback - Late 2021

    Now that my delivery seems more and more likely to take place in 2021, will have to keep an eye on Audi and how fast they can start delivering in the US. Ford, I hope you’re reading this! 😂
  3. Canceled orders

    My dealer says if I cancel, they’ll still receive the car and just sell it to whomever. He says his GM was confident they’ll sell all the MEEs they get.
  4. Full scale production due to start in October

    That was me and I’d remind it’s the EV guy at one dealer saying it, don’t know his source/if he just made it up. I’ll definitely keep following up with them as I have an order in with them and report back as soon as I know. If demos start popping up at dealers, quite few of us are going to make...
  5. Full scale production due to start in October

    So..production wizards, what does this mean in practice? With a 17xxx orderer number, will I get my vehicle in 2020?
  6. dog mode

    I quite often have my dog with me while stopping to run errands, such as picking up groceries on the way home. The only solution is to leave the car running and absolutely hate to do so, mainly due to the idea of emissions it generates just idling there. In Europe such activity would actually be...
  7. dog mode

    I think it was after sites such as InsideEvs and Electrec reported it and brought it to the wider distribution.
  8. dog mode

    Def need this feature Ford.
  9. Mach E energy consumption

    Very good, thank you!
  10. Mach E energy consumption

    I now noticed the ABRP 378 wh/mi is reference for highway speeds @65mi/h, which would be 16% increase to the calculated average consumption. Does that sound realistic? Just trying to figure out where my MEE would realistically take me in different scenarios. ABRP also has the speed limit...
  11. Mach E energy consumption

    Now that we know the usable battery figures -> has anyone updated their math on what the energy consumption of the MEE would be? ABRP refers to 378 wh/mi (245 wh/km) for the ER/AWD and I’m wondering if that’s still the right figure.
  12. Mach-E customer order bank will open June 26!

    My dealer said they’ll have a demo vehicle in July. This was the EV guy.
  13. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Ford will most definitely sell you cars, they’ll have to, due to the total manufacturer emission reduction targets, to avoid fines. That system in my understanding will fully kick in in 2021, so they’re not in hurry (demand definitely is there). On another hand, Ford’s taking a phased approach...
  14. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Fun fact, at least for me the order number is the same as the reservation number, which would indicate they are manufactured somewhat in the order they were reserved (minus reservations not turned into orders).
  15. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Reservation turned into order after confirming with my dealer the full reservation amount is refundable if I don’t take delivery of the vehicle and that they will honor X plan. He said expect min 15w delivery time but not sure what the source of that information is. Infinity Blue Premium, AWR...
  16. Mach-E Reservations Quick Guide - Customer Journey

    Maybe I can’t read but does this information mean that as a non-FE reservation holder I’m able to wait until Dec 31 a) to not lose my opportunity to get a MEE whenever Ford can deliver it (as only 50k will be available in first year) b)or to not lose my place in line of production priority-...
  17. Is this the first 'confirmed' submitted order?

    A delaler I spoke with today told he is able to put in orders to the system. didn’t so it through him though since I don’t trust the guy.. the dealer I had my reservation with originally said the order bank opens on the 30th and i can turn reservation into order there. Still waiting to hear...
  18. Ford Warranty Guide 20201

    Found the full guide and answer to my questions. Thank you very much.
  19. Ford Warranty Guide 20201

    Well aware, thank you. It’ll require an adapter and charing is limited to 7.2kW in practice (non DC). 20k cost difference however will help to deal with these inconveniences.