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  1. 121gigawatts

    Major Android Auto Glitching

    I've had issues with android auto since I got the car. - Switching apps on the phone connected to android auto stops the music. - Not reconnecting if stepping away from the car and leaving it on. - Multiple times it has refused to connect requiring not just putting the phone into airplane mode...
  2. 121gigawatts

    Spotify/YouTube stopping when switching apps (Android Auto)

    Whenever I have Android Auto on, if I go on my phone and open an app (chrome, messages, electrify america) it stops the music. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps but it seems to keep happening. It doesn't matter if I open an unopened app or switch the apps. Is this an Android...
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    Another EV buyer cheated by the dealership model

    Saddens me a lot to see how much of a hassle dealerships are making this all to make a profit. The MME is supposed to be the first non compliance EV produced by a well known brand, and it's being ruined by the dealership's greed. I personally tried to reach out to Mark Levine and he never...
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    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    Spoke to three different dealerships. They're all asking for half a day to update the software. Not only that but they're not willing to give me a loaner "because it's a recall." Kind of annoyed at having an entire OTA system but not using it for something like this.
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    FordPass 3.24.0 rolling out

    Checked in with dealership since the car needs the update too. Apparently they need to keep the car for half the day & can't provide a loaner vehicle. What's the point of OTA if they need me to bring in the car for a software update?
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    Atlanta area?

    I received my MME mid may and have been less active on the forum since then. I have put a good 1,200 miles in almost a month. Spent so far ~$56.69. Electrify America: $23.17 for 153kW. Avg 15.554 Cents per kW (Not including $4 monthly pass. Increase to 17.758 Cents per kW if included)...
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    Speed sign said 65 mph car said 85 mph, yikes!!

    I've seen my MME update the speed on the dash next to the speedometer reading. Looking over at the android auto maps the speed didn't change, so i know for sure the car is updating the speed. Is it a more updated map system than Google maps? Doubt it. Is it possible the car actually reads the...
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    Electrify America Home Charger Now Available

    There's a bug where if you try to link it, it takes you to the chargepoint log in, but then logs you in without connecting your accts
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    Electrify America Home Charger Now Available

    I have a ChargePoint Home Flex. It was back ordered and I got it within 2 weeks. The charger itself can do up to 50a, but I just asked the sparkie for a 60a breaker so I get a max of 48a. What I can say is that I get 11.28kW per hour. Or about 240v at 47a. Give or take recharging at about...
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    San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    Coming up a bit harsh @IL_Vet. Was there a lack of planning on OP's part? Sure. Was OP trusting that the nav system built put in place by the manufacturer would do its job? Yeah, we all learn the hard way. With that being said, OP has a point the Nav system in the MME is kind of trash for...
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    Home Charging Poll: How much power?

    Just got the 60a breaker installed today, and set up with a chargepoint home flex unit. The car is at 85% right now so it was charging at 3.47 kW so not full speed i assume since it was above 80%
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    Interesting Crowd Reactions

    Remember when we said overthrow the government? We can keep the tax credits. Everything else can go
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    Interesting Crowd Reactions

    Damn. You're telling me this now? Hours away from pick up? I find it funny how people really get upset over a naming of a vehicle. I'm sorry in the last board meeting with the other executives, those of us here on the forum just got drowned out. We'll try again next time!
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    Extra 35 Day Wait

    Correct. Mine updated sometime Thursday or Friday last week saying the new destination was the dealership and pending (underneath the KC delivery so that'll stay on there for you to reference). It updated today showing it was delivered, even the manager on site didn't know and when his system...
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    🧭 Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN # and Order #

    Sorry I've never had a "visibility report" all I've had is the VIN with the and palsapp.
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    Extra 35 Day Wait

    You can, but palsapp will only show once it leaves for the dealership and when it arrives. Hope so! Mine just arrived, 1 day later than the original eta of May 18th! This. Its just not real-time. It only updates once the tasks are completed. ----------- I saw that my car was delivered...
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    Interesting Crowd Reactions

    This right here is one of the best responses I've seen! As for the Mustang name, the way I see it is without it, we'd have the Ford badges all over the thing. Instead they went all out and even redesigned the pony into an "Electric" version. That alone is good enough for me. I've talked with a...
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    🧭 Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN # and Order #

    I've also got a Space White coming in, I haven't heard the same plus the color is the "base" without extra fees so I doubt it'll be that different. The dealership normally reaches out to you to confirm the order and then the wait is on. Check the Ford MME inventory (Here) to see if any become...
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    Extra 35 Day Wait

    I also don't have access to the Ford website, the MME was a dealer order or a cancelled customer order that I swooped in on the moment it became available. I use Palsapp to track it since it left the assembly plant in Mexico. Congrats! Don't forget to put some pics up once you get it! Mine is...
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    I hate you guys,,,

    WAIT A MINUTE. You're telling me this now?! Alright give me a min, I need to get the turkey out of the frunk. Lord almighty.