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  1. Chip shortage? Ford did this to themselves?

    Profit motive is definitely a contributing factor, I agree. But ultimately it comes down to consumer behavior and how to most easily separate buyers with their money. For the US, it is cheap stuff that is continually replaced with newer cheap stuff unfortunately.
  2. Chip shortage? Ford did this to themselves?

    JIT is an efficient way to run manufacturing and keep inventory and carry costs down. It can feel right it “blame” Ford or others for this but in reality the root cause is American consumers especially buy on price. We will happily (generally) take an inferior product from China or wherever...
  3. Estimated delivery date pushed back to 5 months later for my built mach e

    I personally will be like Neo in the Matrix and believe my Mach E will arrive on schedule. Especially since I just signed the paperwork for my ICE Silverado pickup to get ready for it!
  4. Ordered Premium Rapid Red MME

    The hard part will be the waiting my friend. I ordered in January and currently until mid-July now that I know it is built.
  5. Ford's electric Mustang tops Norway car sales in May

    Norway is an amazing country to visit. Their adoption of EVs is incredible. I was a passenger in multiple Tesla Model X and S “taxis” during my time there. Coincidentally that is also where I first realized the interiors of Tesla’s are pretty awful for $100,000 cars.
  6. Build 2 weeks before order?

    Hey you guys!!! (Shameless goonies reference) just received the email that my Mach E is built and I should expect it in mid-July. will post more as things get closer. Very excited!!
  7. Stoked on Range: AWD Standard Battery Achieved 148 Miles on 50% of Battery

    That is a beautiful drive, fellow Mainer!
  8. Build 2 weeks before order?

    so it’s build week! Technically. Online account seems to be updated but I haven’t received any emails they started production. Should I have?
  9. Build 2 weeks before order?

    Same happened to me. Glitch in the matrix 🤣
  10. Hello from Maine

    Thanks for the link. Will check it out. Is it cool to bring the Pacifica PHEV until the Mach E comes in? lol
  11. Build week not showing on Ford website

    I used the Mach E VIN Tracker from this site and was able to find both the VIN and that the website is showing same build date response... no idea what it all means in web design but it matches what I want to hear so I am going with it!
  12. Hello from Maine

    Hey Maine gang. I'm on Gorham/Scarborough line and waiting for mine to arrive in late June or July by the looks of it. Hitchhiker, doesn't that Model S look.... old(?)... next to your Mach E now? That Tesla design really has not aged well. Time to start planning the Southern Maine...
  13. Build week not showing on Ford website

    You guys are giving me hope. Even if it is July it will give me some time to get ready with a second charge point. EDIT: my wife has a PHEV Pacifica minivan that is pretty awesome so far. Only ~35 miles electric but she is averaging 2/3 of her miles as electronic only so far after 6 months.
  14. Build week not showing on Ford website

    Glad to hear I’m not alone. Hopefully I can get delivery in June if all goes well
  15. Build week not showing on Ford website

    Hi, all! I ordered in January and in February received an email from Ford confirm build week of May 24th. I was always had trouble see this week in the my account reservation page using my iPhone but could using Internet Explorer. But now I can’t see it at all. Does this portend a...
  16. Test drive today - Ford nailed it

    My dealer finally got their tester in (eAWD Premium) so I swing by to test drive. All I have to say is Ford nailed it. Many of the gang here have posted some seriously great reviews already and hard to top those. I’ll just leave a couple points I was pleasantly surprise over. First, the...
  17. Wow..just found that after 22 days of ownership!

    Excuse me, Sir. French Canadians invented poutine and using alcohol during ice fishing to keep the human body from freezing. Both are fine examples of the contribution of French Canadians to both human advancement and science.
  18. Wild price quote ranges for a Nema 14-50 outlet install

    Nothing against the tradespeople in general, but anyone in the trades right now is just throwing numbers out to see what sticks. Easier to land a few whales that overpay for a quick job than try to schedule out lower margin reasonable cost jobs. I ended up paying $800 for mine because I didn’t...
  19. Some Observations After Delivery

    As a proud owner of a 2015 Ford Explorer with a corroded aluminum hood and with paint flaked to bare metal, I... well never mind.:D And don’t ask if Ford denied my warranty request at 38,000 miles for it. I’m not still bitter. Seriously though, congrats on the new MME and thanks for your...
  20. 105XXX Order Club

    Gen 2 was awesome! Almost got a used 2008 but we had kid #1 coming. Now we have 3 and they can’t wait for the MME!