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  1. Mach-E 2021 Wheel Sizes, Bolt Patterns, Offset, Center Bore, Load Rating, GVWR [Table]

    I’m looking at 20” wheels with 5x108 thanks to the overview in this thread. But, I see a lot of different values being asked on these webshops that I can’t find in the overview. For instance I see: 10.00X19 5x108 ET20.0, 9.00X19 5x108 ET20.0, 8.50X19 5x108 ET20.0. What exactly should I look for...

    I still hate that dark matter wasn’t available during the first orders
  3. What is the nickname or will be nickname of your MME?

    Spark-E. Pronounced: Sparky AKA: Sparky boi / Wall Socket Sucker (He/Him)
  4. NES Forged Wheels by MRR Design | Light weight 6061-T6 Forged wheels

    I need this more than oxygen. Do you have free shipping to Europe? *grin*
  5. Mustang Club -- shitty response (IMO)

    Huh? What’s wrong with this email? This is a super nice response. If you have an issue with this I don’t think those guys in the marines were the ones being ignorant
  6. Made this grill wrap today

    right? I have NO idea why people do that! Also: nice wrap!
  7. I was told yesterday the wait is 24 weeks. Seriously?

    well I’ve been waiting for 1,5 years or something now, so I’d happily take 20ish week
  8. Vinyl grille and pony

  9. Now I’m complete stripes, Amazing.

    You might also want to smokewrap the lights and indicators. I’m doing that when I get mine
  10. Now I’m complete stripes, Amazing.

    You upgraded to 22’s and haven’t noticed a range drop off? Those are some magic wheels! PS, nice wheels
  11. Europe - Shipment numbers / vessel tracking

    Maybe it sunk?
  12. Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    Click on the picture and you get a larger one. Apparently the logo didn’t make the cut.. eternal shame
  13. Europe - Shipment numbers / vessel tracking

    This is an English forum please do not post in your jibberish language
  14. Mach-E Premium Star white w/customizations

    yes, I’m going to do this.. and by “going to do this” I mean that the wrapping company is going to try. It’s obv a first for them but I do love the GT grill so it’s worth a shot.
  15. Mach-E Premium Star white w/customizations

    ugh I wish I had that option. You should see the monstrosity that they call a license plate where I live. It’s going to look soooo ugly on the front.
  16. Mach-E Premium Star white w/customizations

    That’s a midlife crisis ;-) Haha no j/k blue could look great and it’s all personal taste but neon green bolts..? That’s full-on Paul Walker style, maybe get a carbon hood to match :p .
  17. Mach-E Premium Star white w/customizations

    Because he/she’s not 16 ;-) Btw, I love a good chrome delete but I think you should keep the bolts chrome. All black would look weird imo
  18. Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    Love this thread. Lots of great wheels here! Personally I love the simple 5 spoke most, this is the reason why I want to get rid of the busy premium AWD wheels. I know there is a thread about it somewhere here but I’m a wheels novice - can anybody tell me what to look for when browsing for...
  19. Mach-E wrapped in Dark Green Pearl 3M vinyl wrap

    I have created an account to be able to voice my concern to whoever would get it into one’s right mind to wrap this abomination of a color onto this car. On behalf of everybody with eyes: please don’t.