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  1. John_C

    SSM 49676 - Alarm Activates When Unlocked Door Opened - Driver Door Does Not Unlock/Open - Door Activation Switch Not Lighting Up

    I'm having this same issue now -- with all 4 doors, and not just the driver's side. Do I just go to my dealer and ask them to look up the SSM 49676 patch? Separately, the foot-activated auto tailgate feature seems to have stopped working ...
  2. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Ouch. That's awful. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure and check to see it's Ford OEM glass. That's my biggest fear.
  3. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Hi everyone and thanks to all of you -- especially @KCole21 and @Grux40-- for your responses. I'm happy (?) to report that I appear to be on a track with SafeLite now. A SafeLite rep called yesterday to say the new windshield is on order and will be ready in 10 days. I'm scheduled to have it...
  4. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Thanks--- this is the best answer I've received, especially since it involves USAA and SafeLite. That's exactly my situation. I think the thing that was a little frustrating is that I didn't get a good telephone agent on my very first SafeLite Solutions call yesterday. So never having dealt...
  5. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Thanks. I appreciate it. All roads seem to be pointing back to Safelite, and we got a DM from them this morning on Twitter. So I think we're off to a better start today with them. I think your point about it being a new vehicle is exactly right ...
  6. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Thanks. Great advice.
  7. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    So far everyone who's replied has pointed me to Safelite. It seems most dealers refer their glass business there, as does my insurance company. But Safelite doesn't have the parts in stock. At least that's what I was told today. So the advice I'd like from Ford is when parts will be...
  8. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Unfortunately it's illegal in California to drive with any kind of a crack in your windshield -- front or back. It's a citation at a minimum. I don't really want that on my driving record ...
  9. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Thanks @BMT1071 Can you say more about why that's the case? So far Safelite hasn't been able to do anything for me ...
  10. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Posting this in the larger forum. Original post is in the maintenance subgroup: Having a terrible issue with a damaged windshield and could use some concrete help / advice. Especially if anyone from Ford monitors this forum...
  11. John_C

    Windshield nightmare

    Today my windshield was badly damaged outside Monterey, CA, by a rock kicked up from a truck ahead of me. Fifty miles and an hour later down the road a crack had spread from the bottom left corner of the windshield to the middle of the steering wheel. That's when my nightmare trying to get...
  12. John_C

    New Owner - tools needed to remove frunk divider?

    Bought this tool set for $6.99 on Amazon after watching the video. Removed the frunk dividers in about 15 minutes yesterday with no damage or marking to the car. It was a piece of cake.
  13. John_C

    Mach-E Road Trip: Seattle to Los Angeles and Back - Experience, Data, Impressions

    Really great writeup. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I agree with so much of it, especially the software and Sync points. I've been frustrated with the "fit" between my phone and the Mach-E. Android Auto is a hot mess and I've abandoned it until Google & Ford execute on their new...
  14. John_C

    Mach-E California Bay Area Meetup #2 (April)

    I will definitely make the next one. I've had my RWD Premium Infinite Blue since March 2 and just turned over 1,000 miles. Will also have had my 2nd vaccine dose by the next meetup ... :) Great photos! Looks like a great time ...
  15. John_C

    Within remorse period, am I being too nit picky?

    Hi @Platitude and congrats on your purchase. I've had my Premium RWD for six weeks now and have not noticed any of the issues you're mentioning. No internal buzzing from any source that I've noticed, and the car itself is quiet as a mouse. I'd suggest you have the dealer take a look at those...
  16. John_C

    Cargo Tie Downs?

    I'm having trouble anchoring anything to the plastic hooks on the side panels of the rear cargo area. Specifically, I'm looking to anchor a cargo net that will hold grocery bags. I've got the bottom of the net anchored nicely to the rear hatch attach points using S-clips, but nothing seems to...
  17. John_C

    DIY car wash and ceramic coating recommendations

    This is a *great* video. Thanks so much for posting. I was going to go with a ceramic product for my Infinite Blue MME but now am definitely choosing 303 Graphine Nano. Seems like a Rain-X product is still best for glass based on this. Thanks again.
  18. John_C

    Electrify America Mach-E Charging Issues

    Thanks for this. This was exactly my experience. When I got to 80% the charge slowed to 11kW. I called Electrify America from the charging station and learned that their system automatically throttles down above 80% to save wear and tear on the vehicle's battery.
  19. John_C

    Electrify America Mach-E Charging Issues

    Notes on my first experience with EA: I've had my ER RWD Premium for a little over a week now and decided to make my first charge locally at a very nearby EA depot (Belmont, CA, outside Safeway in Redwood City CA if anyone local is reading). I had already downloaded and authorized the EA app...
  20. John_C

    It's here! My RWD ER Infinite Blue arrived 3/2/2021

    Hi there. It was a total surprise when I got the text from Towne, so I guess they really don't have any advance information. But I remember that you were expecting a March 3 delivery. I definitely hope it happens for you today! And maybe we'll see each other there ... Thanks and good luck!