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  1. Original premium order options?

    You can also cross check the VIN if you have any doubt. 3FMTK3SU = Premium AWD, Ext. Range
  2. Original premium order options?

    That's correct. $47000 base price + $2700 AWD + $5000 Ext. Range + $600 Star White + $1100 D&D For whatever reason, the AWD is added to the base price on the window stickers.
  3. Some of us just got screwed by New Jersey - but Ford is stepping up!

    Thanks for sharing! I don't think this is accurate, at least not for the NJ rebate. The language is pretty clear that this is a No-No. MSRP is set by the manufacturer, not the dealer. From the Charge Up site: " The Board reserves the right to seek all available legal remedies if...
  4. Dealer is telling me this is Ford Options Contract?

    I stumbled upon this thread. I'm a little ways behind you guys (build date next week), but being that we all ordered through Fullerton (Thanks @machefan)...... @SoriceConsulting Did you end up getting everything squared away with using Options? Did they have everything correct and Joe was...
  5. Got my first electric bill.... share yours

    Glad to hear you're moving forward with the panels. Did you select someone for your install or trying to get your usage up first? We had a similar issue with wanting more capacity than our current usage when we installed solar in 2018. We're in Mercer County, PSE&G territory, and there was an...
  6. Some of us just got screwed by New Jersey - but Ford is stepping up!

    @MachEnation: Thanks for the letting us know about the meeting and for your comments. Very well said. I was on there as well. Was pleasantly surprised that there was an overwhelming consensus from commenters about needing more transparency and disagreement with the soft-cap as currently...
  7. Can anyone inform on the order process?

    No problem. There's a lot about this Mach E roll out that I think many people would say the same. Ford has definitely misstepped on a number of things. No more gripes from me though, I just want my MME!
  8. Can anyone inform on the order process?

    My understanding is the VIN is generated once the car is scheduled to be built. I got notified of my build week about a month or so after the order was placed. Once you get a build confirmation you should be able to get the VIN from your dealer or using this tool...
  9. Some of us just got screwed by New Jersey - but Ford is stepping up!

    The main one was refund policy. Ditschman would refund the deposit up until they took delivery. Fullerton was fully refundable until I signed the dotted line to take ownership. I've been following the Mach E since last summer but wanted to test drive before ordering. Fast forward to...
  10. Some of us just got screwed by New Jersey - but Ford is stepping up!

    I considered ordering from Ditschman Ford and one of the questions I specifically asked was if they'd be willing to hold the car until the rebate program restarted in July. Best case at the time I ordered was a June delivery so it was potentially a few week hold. They told me yes. If it meant...
  11. "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    🤔 I tried checking the X-Plan partner site, which also lists the available incentives, and interestingly "Pricing for this vehicle is temporarily not available." That's the first time I've seen that. Something is going on. I'm with you. At 5% and no incentive, Ford Options would look to be...
  12. Just ordered!!!

    I'm just south of you in Hopewell. Hope to see you on the road sooner rather than later! Mid-June build date for me.
  13. My 1000 Forum Post, A Long Journey to Ownership with My First Edition Mustang MACH-E EV

    Thanks for the write-up and the recommendation on Fullerton last month. Order placed with Joe 3/16. See you on the road!
  14. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    I ordered an identical build on 3/15. I'd be very curious when you get a build date. If you don't mind, keep me posted, and I'd be glad to do the same.
  15. Reputable Solar companies and what I need to know

    I got solar installed in August 2018 using a company called Green Power Energy. They're a smaller, NJ based company that I can't recommend enough. I shopped around using EnergySage and they were the most competitive but more importantly the most responsive and informative. Their reviews online...
  16. All things NJ Deliveries

    Anyone know of any central NJ dealers that have stated deposits are fully refundable? I haven't ordered yet but want to soon. I'd like the option to walk away (or delay) if either a) the NJ rebate program doesn't roll out again summer '21 or b) the QC checks and reported problems become...
  17. If you're planning on using Ford Options

    I was thinking the same. According to the dealer I met with yesterday, paying off early wouldn't be worthwhile. He claimed that with a balloon loan the interest is baked into the final payment and unlike traditional financing, interest isn't calculated on the principal balance. You avoid...
  18. Are people getting WearCare

    Where can I find the Ford Options Handbook you mention? So many questions and dealers don't seem to have many answers.