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  1. Carsinmyblood

    FordPass 3.24.0 rolling out

    Small and easy step taking seconds.
  2. Carsinmyblood

    Another cracked roof

    Wind buffeting? I think fairly soon the glass roof fad will go away. A $50 to $80.00 line item and declaration on your auto policy will catch people's attention. You know it's coming... The first guy to replace a second glass roof will be making some impressive phone calls. It should be a...
  3. Carsinmyblood

    Spare wheel/tire at home.

    .....with a drain of course 'cause, y'know... melting ice.
  4. Carsinmyblood

    Spare wheel/tire at home.

    It's too bad the frunk can't be carved out so it'll fit. I'd only carry a spare on long trips. Around town insurance gets you free tows within 150 miles.
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    What's missing?

    Nothing but smiles and thumbs up around here. You life in a tough 'hood?....or are you on FB a little too much?
  6. Carsinmyblood

    take out aero covers?

    Keep looking around. Owners that swap out the better OEM wheels/tires sell them off. They're usually listed on eBay or FB. Check tire stores in CA too. they can be shipped.
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    This forum is giving me cold feet…

    Remember also, at this early stage you're getting up to $7,500 in federal taxes returned to you. That's one heckofan inducement to not wait til Ford passes the 200,000 unit mark.
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    Interesting insider info on the EV1

    A huge waste of money and reputation. It should have died long before the body was stamped. All of the problems encountered were predicted, and on paper didn't make sense for the very reason it failed. The lack of batteries.
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    Ford Maps thinks my house is a drug rehab business

    When we bought our home 12 years ago, Google had the driveway shown as a road with a name. I called town hall to be sure it wasn't a legal road (though a little snow plow action would've come in handy). I wrote to Google and it was fixed in a few weeks.
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    This forum is giving me cold feet…

    Stop in at any car forum, ANY car forum and you'll catch up on all the problems with emissions issues, control systems, wiper motors, glass replacement costs, problems with certain octane gasoline, ABS systems, bluetooth, key fobs, lousy MPG........ Even horses were taken out back and shot when...
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    Turn indicator - blinker too quiet?

  12. Carsinmyblood

    Turn indicator - blinker too quiet?

    A quickie: On my '16 Mazda CX-5, if i just flick the turn signal I get 3 flashes, enough to make a lane change without having to cancel on the stalk. Do we have this feature? I'm imagining 3 of you going out to the garage and 20 other slugs waiting for 3 different answers. TheSteelRider is...
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    Turn indicator - blinker too quiet?

    If it was a Coke, that would be nasty. It gets really sticky really fast.
  14. Carsinmyblood

    Copper dipped wheels DIY

    I'm guessing machine car washes and the jet-engine driers are off limits then?
  15. Carsinmyblood

    Copper dipped wheels DIY

    OH, that's the paint 'n peel. There's a Youtube of a guy that did a yello Lambo. Cool stuff, especially if your car's crap and you're handy with masking tape.
  16. Carsinmyblood

    Having weird issues with FordPass and Android Phone.

    Sounds like the phone is not updating, or refreshing, at fast enough intervals and it's not getting info. Is there a setting to decrease the interval? I kinda doubt it, but it's worth looking for.
  17. Carsinmyblood

    Copper dipped wheels DIY

    Isn't this just rattle-can paint? If not, how does this hold up compared to 2K automotive paint? This is how I repaint brand new 48 spoke MG wheels arriving in basic silver. 1940 Ford maroon. Keep 'em turning for a few minutes to allow heavy areas to set so they don't run!! It wouldn't have...
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    I decided to try a range test now that my GoM numbers are starting to climb a bit.

    You're showing 4.1 mi/kWh (not 3.49) during that last 230.6 mi trip on the big scoreboard. if you used the total usable battery, 88kWh, you should get 360 miles/charge. Be careful what numbers you trust, everyone. After a while, long-term Tesla owners put down the calculators and just...
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    Door Rattle

    Munro has a video dissecting one.