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  1. UK Customers

    Strange re the turning circle as it's a similar size to the kuga. I find it hard to 3 point turn etc as visibility isn't as good as the kuga.
  2. UK Customers

    Wireless headphones with a big wire!
  3. UK Customers

    If Ford tells anyone they can't have a lower interest rate due to a price difference for the exact same product they should investigate the legality of it. I have been pointing this out for weeks.
  4. UK Customers

    That is absolutely factually correct.
  5. UK Customers

    You're wrong. I was offered that lower interest rate in that letter and have the £3000 government grant.
  6. UK Customers

    No absolutely not, this was a mailshot. I'd already paid for the car on my debit card! Using the loan from the bank.
  7. UK Customers

    I published the letter to stop the lies that Ford come out with / expose the lies when they happen.
  8. UK Customers

    No I just did the initial credit check months ago. And got this letter days after the car.
  9. UK Customers

    They claimed the issue with the 12v batteries were failing to charge/going flat was a software fault which they sent a fix out for. The error should be reported to ford, I assume via the concierge. Or Stuart Rowley President, Ford of Europe P.S. If there’s any part of...
  10. UK Customers

    it was a letter in the post. Copy attached as requested.
  11. UK Customers

    It's worth pointing out that Ford Credit are now offering the lower interest rate not just for new customers but also the customers with the £3k allowance. They wrote to me yesterday regarding this just 2 days after I picked up the car. The letter said I could have my finance application...
  12. UK Customers

    Yes it was on full!
  13. SM 49810 - Buzz Noise From The Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)

    The other screen doesn't buzz so why should it be acceptable and a non warranty issue if the small screen buzzes!
  14. Android Auto wireless

    I have these issues when a drive into a poor signal area.
  15. UK Customers

    Does anyone else find the aircon less effective? I've just tested it with the max fan level and the lowest temp and it just doesn't feel as powerful as the kuga was
  16. UK Customers

    Yeah that's possible but then they still lose a customer in that scenario.
  17. UK Customers

    Perhaps they have no rush for the money! And they love showing it off as they are getting a lot of enquiries about the car. Maybe a good idea in these situations to call their bluff. I want my car or my desposit back would be a reasonable statement. Or go into the dealership and have some...
  18. UK Customers

    Another Ford cockup
  19. UK Customers

    No, I got the fix installed and the car ready to pickup within 8hours after they received it. And reason given as to why they need 2 weeks to get your car ready ?
  20. UK Customers

    Thanks ! I put a lot of pressure on them to get the e-call fix in and received the car on thurs pm. Amazing car with some issues like this!