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  1. GrumblesTheDog

    "Stop safely now" , then full power loss while driving on highway...

    What a bummer, OP. Sorry to hear, and glad you're safe. Out of curiosity, since you're driving an FE and presumably had a pretty early build date, did you ever get the 12V battery TSB applied for any reason? Probably unrelated, since no one with 12V troubles has described a 'Stop Safely Now'...
  2. GrumblesTheDog

    GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Grabber Blue really makes the EA green pop!
  3. GrumblesTheDog

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E They don't have the MME listed on their website, but I emailed their customer service people and they confirmed that they did have the patterns which they could cut in Suntek Ultra. I was super impressed with them - really quick email responses and I thought the prices were more...
  4. GrumblesTheDog

    Grizzle Smart charge

    Second this. My regular GrizzlE works great and I just set charging parameters in the car since my power company doesn't do TOU billing.
  5. GrumblesTheDog

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    Cool! I paid for front end PPF since that seemed pretty complex, but I tried to DIY PPF for the doors since that would have been many hundred more on top of the front. It seemed like I put a decent number of fine scratches on my old car doors with my jacket, bag, etc because of how I have to...
  6. GrumblesTheDog

    Electrical issues, broken Mach e

    Interesting - sounds like a very similar bunch of errors that got thrown on my car once. Dealer never pinpointed anything but did all the outstanding software updates, etc. When they say "disconnected or discharged" battery, I assume they mean the 12V system?
  7. GrumblesTheDog

    How much DCFC is too much?

    Hi folks. I don't think I saw a dedicated thread for this, just individual posts about good battery management practices. Does anyone have a sense of how much DC fast charging you'd need to do to result in noticeable battery degradation/capacity loss? I'm curious, since the MME has proven...
  8. GrumblesTheDog

    Plug and Charge Working!! (was avoid plug and charge for now)

    Sure seems like EA/Ford have done some additional tweaking behind the scenes since release. I have about 4200 miles on my car (with most of that from road tripping) and P&C has worked on the first try for me close to twenty times now. I've already plowed through my free 500kWh, and even though...
  9. GrumblesTheDog

    Repairing ActiveX material?

    Hi folks. After 4K miles, I picked up a tiny nick on the material of the rear middle seat, right next to the fold down armrest. Hard to say what it came from - hyperactive toddler climbing into car seat, spastic dog etc. Is there a kit or method for repairing ActiveX? Couldn't find anything...
  10. GrumblesTheDog

    SSM 49730 - Phone As A Key (PAAK) Concerns Of Bluetooth Disconnected, UnableTo Start, Backup Code Needed And/Or Key Not Detected

    Thanks! That seemed to help with vehicle status, connectivity etc. This time around though, PaaK setup is now not working for me at all (as of today, that is). Since perfect is the enemy of good, I think I'll just stick with the fob for now and make an appointment for the SSM update.
  11. GrumblesTheDog

    SSM 49730 - Phone As A Key (PAAK) Concerns Of Bluetooth Disconnected, UnableTo Start, Backup Code Needed And/Or Key Not Detected

    Not to derail this thread, but did you have any tricks/tips to re-add your vehicle? I did the same to try and troubleshoot an unrelated FordPass issue, and now the 'Activate' button hangs with no popup in the car, etc. I am super irritated at myself for deciding to meddle/tinker, since FordPass...
  12. GrumblesTheDog

    Uh oh - Parking brake fault? (Edit 2: it's baaaaaack)

    Sigh. Took the family on an 800 mile road trip, and the drive down went fine. When I powered the car up this morning, though, the parking brake fault error was back. Nothing else came up this time (yet) and after cycling the brake a few times the error went away. Still pretty unnerving, since I...
  13. GrumblesTheDog

    Blind Spot Monitoring - Audible

    Alternately: I tried this, and while it took me several weeks (maybe even a month or two) to get used to it, I now can't imagine driving any other way, and even then, I still check over my shoulder...
  14. GrumblesTheDog

    Connect to Apple CarPlay No Longer Works

    Strangely, my Android Auto wigged out a bit yesterday after I got the most recent OTA. Seemed okay on my drive into work this morning, but the phone wouldn't connect (even though it was previously working just fine) and when it did, apps would hang when I tried to load Spotify etc.
  15. GrumblesTheDog

    FordPass App Version 3.22.0 is out

    Sure seems like there was a big wave of OTA updates within the last few days. I checked my FordPass yesterday morning before the 3.22 update, and I had my green check with the OTA message even before I updated FordPass.
  16. GrumblesTheDog

    Ford Power-Up Software Updates to Deliver Amazon Alexa, BlueCruise and More to Mach-E

    For some reason I have the Super Mario Bros theme stuck in my head now
  17. GrumblesTheDog

    It the $7,500 tax credit cut-off by MODEL or manufacturer?

    Huh, didn't know about the manufacturer part. Too bad for the Lyriq or Hummer EV, if the credits aren't reinstated by the current administration...
  18. GrumblesTheDog

    Range vs elevation on I-75 in TN?

    Hi folks- Debating whether or not to take the MME on a big road trip south (OH to Florida.) ABRP has several short stops for charging (like after 70-80 miles) going from KY into TN. I remember climbing the mountains in an ICE vehicle on this trip -- has anyone here done this in the MME (or any...
  19. GrumblesTheDog

    Restraints Control Module Fault

    Following this thread. When I got my onslaught of errors, the restraint indicator lamp came on too, but much like your situation the technicians couldn't find anything wrong. Mine showed up along with a zillion other safety/assist malfunction warnings, but it doesn't seem like it was a true...
  20. GrumblesTheDog

    Uh oh - Parking brake fault? (Edit 2: it's baaaaaack)

    Day 4 at the dealer, and they still haven't been able to replicate any errors. At least they are pushing all the software updates they can, including the 12V TSB, and I think I ought to get it back tomorrow. Hopefully a one-and-done fluke?