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  1. Tsand4

    Anyone in need of a charging station (or 2)?

    I checked out the installation instruction and each tower needs 2 40 amp circuits, to power each cord. Once connected to the ChargePoint network, the owner sets charge fees. If you set up at home you simply don't charge a fee. If I had seen this earlier, I would have talked to my employer to...
  2. Tsand4

    Anyone in need of a charging station (or 2)?

    These are currently on a local auction. Unfortunately it ends tonight.
  3. Tsand4

    In search EV charger

    Anyone have a 14-50 cord for Chargepoint Home Flex they are willing to part with if you hardwired? I picked up a Home Flex for our cottage but it has a 6-50. If I can't get one at a reasonable cost, I may just hardwire, but I like the option to plug in with Ford supplied charge cord if there is...
  4. Tsand4

    Lane Centering and Hands Free Driving

    I have logged nearly 3k miles already and have noted the following (and wonder if others have similar experience): -lane centering has a clear bias to the R side of the lane. -average to strong pull R when passing an intersection with a turn approach if not marked with dashed lines or when...
  5. Tsand4

    Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    Well how bout that! I spent all my time looking through the Sync4 that I never looked at the switches. Thank you for pointing out the obvious that I overlooked!
  6. Tsand4

    Any early adopters with buyer remorse?

    Absolutely no remorse. Have not had issues that others have had but think potential issues may have been resolved in the first Stop Ship in KC. My 1st Ex has been everything I expected and more. My only concern is that my 3yr/36k warranty is going expire too quickly as I'm already at 3k with...
  7. Tsand4

    Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    I would like the option to keep mirrors folded until backed out of the garage.
  8. Tsand4

    Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    I agree with you on this one. Doubt they will give us more power until after the GT is released then all may get that option.
  9. Tsand4

    Departure Settings - you gotta have a plug

    @Ford Team had responded to my question in another thread. The "strategic approach" will work in theory, but we just have to figure out what the arbitrary warm, medium and cool mean.
  10. Tsand4

    Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    Trading credits for cash? Isn't that Tesla's business model? I'm sure they could give an accurate value for you. 😉
  11. Tsand4

    First experience using Unbridled.

    I've already had this issue, luckily didn't actually rear end anyone, just way heavier on the brakes than I normally am (more similar to my daughter's driving).
  12. Tsand4

    First experience using Unbridled.

    I started in Unbridled and realized quickly that it was too easy to drive like an A$$hat and was on track to getting a ticket. I was also killing my range! I have since almost exclusively stuck to Engaged with 1PD. Only use brakes 1x/day to wear off any rust from my rotors to keep 'em shiny.
  13. Tsand4

    Creep mode on Mach-E

    Driving modes may also play a part in this. More creep in Whisper vs Engage or Unbridled?
  14. Tsand4

    Fordpass Alexa Skill, Google Home

    Thank you for the reply. 1)With Michigan weather, I completely understand the variable temperature, and that was my concern. When I leave in the morning 65° could be warm but cool when I head home. As long as I know that is the approach, we are good! 2) I will check to see if I have enabled the...
  15. Tsand4

    Difficult Test drive experience

    @RCProAM, the situation you described is ridiculous and inexcusable, for what ever the reasoning was by those on the sales floor. Please let us know how things turn out when contacting dealer owner/GM as well as Ford corporate. If owner/GM recognizes and validates your concerns, you should at...
  16. Tsand4

    What do I call this thing?? =)

    I told them a gray Ford, the girl came out looking lost so I called her over. She said, "that's not a Ford!" I said "it's actually a Mustang". Her response, "yeah, I wouldn't have gotten that either.
  17. Tsand4

    Received a Mach-E First Edition surprise gift! 3D printed fractal pony with VIN display.

    Love the Grabber Blue color! You certainly deserve the recognition for your efforts, both through work and the forum.
  18. Tsand4

    Received a Mach-E First Edition surprise gift! 3D printed fractal pony with VIN display.

    So has anyone other than a Carbon Gray owner received theirs yet? I see @trutolife27 got one in Grabber Blue but don't know if that is because it was a staff appreciation one vs FE owner.
  19. Tsand4

    Strange Blue bar while using NAV

    I have noticed the blue bar as well, but have not determined the purpose based on time of occurrence. On another note, I have also had voice command pop up randomly and wondered if others are having this. I could be inadvertently hitting the button, but I doubt it.
  20. Tsand4

    Has anyone gotten this comment.....

    Kinda like my custom plate?