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  1. sockmeister

    SRS Triggered due Vehicle Unplugged

    That grammar is hilariously bad. I can only imagine this is due to some software being created in english-as-a-second-language countries.
  2. sockmeister

    Camping with Mach-e - tent extension

    All we need is a camp mode (to avoid keeping the car itself running)! I can see them adding that.
  3. sockmeister

    Major Android Auto Glitching

    Definitely agree with this. An overheated phone will throttle the processor and as a result you'll get studders and glitches and lag. Try it with a different phone and try using it without charging it (especially if you're using wireless charging, which generates even more heat).
  4. sockmeister

    Unplugging while Charging/Preconditioning

    Perfect. As for the manual, I guess they skipped that because it doesn't matter. When the J-1772 standard was developed, a huge focus was making it as safe as humanely possible. It's designed to be suddenly unplugged mid-charge and be completely safe. Inside the physical EVSE plug, just so you...
  5. sockmeister

    Unplugging while Charging/Preconditioning

    Even if it doesn't, rest assured it's engineered to be idiot proof. It will cut the power the moment you press the latch button on the handle.
  6. sockmeister

    Unplugging while Charging/Preconditioning

    Yes, it seems like it does nothing, but if you press (and hold) the button, power will disconnect and remain disconnected in a matter of milliseconds. You won't notice the car immediately reacting, though. But after a few seconds it may kick the fans off or something, I've noticed that.
  7. sockmeister

    Unplugging while Charging/Preconditioning

    I believe the J-1772 standard states that it will immediately disconnect power when you press the trigger button on the charger plug to remove it. You don't need to worry about that. Just unplug it. If you are worried, you can always stop charging through the FordPass app first.
  8. sockmeister

    PAAK Software Update for Phone-As-Key Bluetooth Connectivity Issue (CSP 21B36)

    Thanks for posting, @Ford Motor Company . Great to hear from you as always. To everyone else, I've now cancelled my appointment at the dealer... Was nervous about that anyway :)
  9. sockmeister

    "missed it by that much..." - Android Auto and VLC

    Ok, now this looks interesting. I'm going to try it out... No-root is a big deal. Thanks
  10. sockmeister

    Order status page - confusing updates

    Post a screenshot of what that page looks like (you can black out any personal info). Back when I ordered, you'd get that checkmark only AFTER it moved to the next step, which was confusing.
  11. sockmeister

    "missed it by that much..." - Android Auto and VLC

    I know what you mean. But with that infamous $200 car AI box dongle, you can... :)
  12. sockmeister

    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    What card? Who promised a card? I never heard of anything like that. Also I wouldn't want one. We have a passcode for entry as a backup.
  13. sockmeister

    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    I will admit, the latest update seems to cause it to crash a lot for me. This seems to have been a trainwreck of an update. I'm on a Google pixel 2.
  14. sockmeister

    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    Which phone do you have? Go ahead and manually update the app. There's a new update out now.
  15. sockmeister

    Rear sensors dangerously insensitive

    Likewise. Mine is so sensitive, it actually brakes for me when there's nothing there some times. Too sensitive.
  16. sockmeister

    Window tinting percentage % for warm climate?

    Reviving this thread to post my own -- this was 20% on the fronts only. The rest of the windows are factory. Tint guy said 20% would match the rears, which seems to be the case because the front windshield lets a lot of light in which causes them to appear brighter. And they removed the door...
  17. sockmeister

    SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    Got some window tint. This is 20% tint on the fronts only. It's slightly darker than the 30% rears, but it ends up looking the same because of the windshield's effect on brightening the front two seats.
  18. sockmeister

    SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    Hey, that's my car! Bring it back :)
  19. sockmeister

    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    FWIW, Mine ain't broke, and yet I'm about to get this recall fixed next Friday the 25th... I'll report back as to what ACTUALLY breaks once they do this 😁
  20. sockmeister

    Things I'd Like to see updated from Ford

    Welcome to the forum - most of those complaints have been brought up before, so I'd say yes, many agree with you. Check out the Issues Compilation Wiki and feel free to add them to that list, so we can keep it in one place. FWIW some of these have been promised as coming already from Ford (app...