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  1. Jimmy2

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Same here, but they charged me a lot more than that.
  2. Jimmy2

    Sandy Munro Teardown: Mach-E Door Modules Better than Tesla!?

    Interesting to me as well. Sandy shows us why the door fabrication is superior in the MMe compared with the MY. He shows us how Ford goof proofs the door assembly.
  3. Jimmy2

    Munro is not happy with the Mach-E, back in Tesla fanboy mode

    You seem to be "in the know" on this stuff which is new to the rest of us. Here is the question we all want to know: Are those coolant hoses likely going to stand the test of time?
  4. Jimmy2

    FordPass 3.24.0 rolling out

    Same on mine. It says no previous trip events to view. Wish I understood it better.
  5. Jimmy2

    Munro is not happy with the Mach-E, back in Tesla fanboy mode

    I've now seen Sandy's video, so I'll give you my impressions from someone who does not understand well, how EVs work. I saw all those hoses and four pumps under the frunk, just like you. It was an interesting sight. I wish I understood it better and was hoping Sandy would explain in more...
  6. Jimmy2

    What is all that stuff & what does it do?

    I've watched it; other than the negative vibes from the headline, it was interesting to see the guts of the MMe below the Frunk. Four pumps and all those hoses conjure up fear of hose and pump repairs in your future; however, I suspect all those hoses are not under the same temp and pressure as...
  7. Jimmy2

    GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    It will be interesting to see at what point the 2022 GTs become available. I'm loving my Premium AWD X, but man o man, I can see myself wanting the GT Performance by the time 2022 rolls around.
  8. Jimmy2

    20" MRR FS06 Wheels on Mach-E first Impressions - BUY THEM NOW!!!!!

    And also, I'm wondering if it affects the speedo and range calculator?
  9. Jimmy2

    Ford Delays All UK Mach-E Deliveries Until Further Notice Due to 'Safety Risk’

    Question from a dumb yank: What the heck is eCall in the UK and how could that possibly be a safety issue?
  10. Jimmy2

    Mustang Club -- shitty response (IMO)

    Would love to hear your report after attending one of their events. Thanks
  11. Jimmy2

    Glass roof sunshade now available

    So far so good without one here in the South.
  12. Jimmy2

    Interesting Crowd Reactions

    Good one.
  13. Jimmy2

    What's Your ONE THING for Ford to Improve?

    Yep, 2 FOBs would be nice. That extra one I bought from the dealer was expensive.
  14. Jimmy2

    What's Your ONE THING for Ford to Improve?

    Yep, here in the South, I would have paid extra for the seat AC
  15. Jimmy2

    What's Your ONE THING for Ford to Improve?

    Ditto, I don't travel much, but when I do, it would be nice to at least get to 90% before the charging speed drops off the cliff. This is when you need that extra range the most.
  16. Jimmy2

    What's Your ONE THING for Ford to Improve?

    Over the weekend I got to experience EA first hand, at three separate stations while traveling across NC. First time in Charlotte at the 150: Had to call the help number, they reset the charger and it then worked like a charm and fast. Second time in Statesville: Worked like a charm, just...
  17. Jimmy2

    Leaking Range

    It was still at 100% when I started my trip; Can't remember if miles were exactly the same. If there was any mileage drain overnight, is was negligible.
  18. Jimmy2

    New issue today - backing up when on an incline.

    My driveway is on an incline, so I have to go through the same thing as you describe. Realized just put her in neutral and control the backing with the brake pedal. Works for me.