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  1. One More Dealer Story

    I contacted my dealer today to cancel my order and ask for a refund of my deposit. I was told that they cannot issue the deposit but rather I would need to get in touch with Ford and they would do it. Now this is not an issue of them not wanting to return my deposit, but they say that Ford has...
  2. Mach-E Real World Range Test - The Smoking Tire

    Not true. @OutofSpecKyle got significantly more range than EPA ratingfrom a Taycan in his 70 mph test.
  3. WSJ Article on How Volkswagen’s $50 Billion Plan to Beat Tesla Short-Circuited

    It was a major downfall. The article, though new, is dated in some of it's information, as the fixes have been rolling out already. Or many of them at any rate. Heads-up display has been working well for quite a while, and new features are being added over the air. Shocking that this...
  4. "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    @macchiaz-o So the bottom line from your example is that Ford Options is less expensive than RCL. However, depending on where you live, the difference is smaller than appears there. Where I live in California, the sales tax will be in excess of $2000 more on Ford Options.
  5. Real world range on Premium ER/AWD

    EPA efficiency rating and results so far suggest that it won't.
  6. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Except that it's common for the manufacturer to reduce the cap cost by the amount of the credit. VW is doing that on ID.4, for example.
  7. Has anybody in this forum received their Mach E yet????

    Same. Northern California thing?
  8. Have you ever owned a Mustang

    I owned a Mustang in 1968, then my wife and I had our first daughter and traded for a Peugeot station wagon. The Mustang was my one and only American car. Everything after the Peugeot has been German.
  9. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    Less expensive? Yes. Poorer build quality? I don't think so. It's a different kind of car aiming at a different kind of buyer, which is why I'm interested in it. The very things about the MME that most people here like are either turnoffs to me (styling, Mustang focus) or not of interest...
  10. Mach-E Lease Residuals Released For Q1 Are Impressive!

    Right, I am factoring in the tax credit and it is still not a very attractive deal. Looking at total three-year cost factoring in all the available incentives and rebates, Ford Options is about $3500 more than a Model Y lease, and substantially more than that for an ID.4 lease.
  11. Mach-E Lease Residuals Released For Q1 Are Impressive!

    Great explanation, thanks! The bottom line for me is that since I will only keep the car for three years, I don't really care what the residual is other than how it affects the overall cost. At the moment I cannot make that determination because Ford doesn't include RCL in the finance tools on...
  12. Mach-E Lease Residuals Released For Q1 Are Impressive!

    Is it still the case that a RCL on the Mach-e is a no go, that is Ford would not pass on the Federal tax credit?
  13. Mach-E Luggage Test (Cargo/Trunk Space)

    How many banana boxes will it hold?
  14. Ford Mustang Mach-E: Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2021

    Yes, a very good report. For me, though, I'm still trying to get past all those ponies. :confused:
  15. Nissan Ariya Debut on July 15th

    Me too, way behind.
  16. Linus’s take on Tesla

    And you can add tablet to that list.
  17. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    Are there any Northern California cars shipped yet? My build date was to have been week of 11-29, but shipping information has been stubbornly blank. I'm actually not seeing that it was built yet.