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  1. Sneezy

    I found a Premium AWD EXT Range

    I have been on the fence since I reserved a GT. Then I placed the order but was still on the fence. My dealer doesn't really seem to know much about the Mach E demo they have and how to sell it. I was going to buy that but....stupid dealer. I win. I didn't want black on black. I have that now...
  2. Sneezy

    2 dealers near me have Premium AWD models

    I'm going to go for a test drive in the next day or so. I do have a reservation for a GT but I don't know that I really NEED the GT. Wants VS Needs. I already have a Trans Am as my fun car and the Premium AWD is quicker than my Caddy XT4 I have now. Both are black which suck because my XT4 is...