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  1. TheBluf

    OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    Still zero updates here, unless the car updated without providing notifications in my car or on my phone.
  2. TheBluf

    WiFi Connectivity Question

    Mine is no where to be found, either. Given that there is very little cell reception at my house, it would be much better if it stayed connected like any other modern device!
  3. TheBluf

    Strange Blue bar while using NAV

    It's funny - I actually went for a drive tonight, and you're right. I had thought it just appeared right before a turn because (not so surprisingly) that was when I was looking down at my dash. Tonight, now that you all had pointed it out, I noticed it flashing randomly the whole drive. There...
  4. TheBluf

    Strange Blue bar while using NAV

    For me, it shows soon before any turn, every time. I think it's to give you a visual that you have to do something soon. If you have the audible alerts on, there's an audible alert at the same time.
  5. TheBluf

    Disable PaaK when at home?

    I'd also love to see this in an OTA. No need for the car to be locked in my garage, and I had to turn off the car horn when the car locks behind me because it kept scaring my dog whenever I left the garage and the car parked.
  6. TheBluf

    Trouble getting Android Auto to work on your 2021 Mustang Mach E?

    Confirming that the latest update to Android Auto allows wireless Android Auto to work on the Mach E. Sideload the 6.1.6105 APK if you want it to work.
  7. TheBluf

    Seats not returning to driving position

    I might have to try carrying the key fob. Between PAAK and a backup passcode being available, I hadn't been carrying it around.
  8. TheBluf

    Seats not returning to driving position

    If that's the case, I hope PAAK gets better soon. It works...but definitely is buggy. I feel like I'm beta testing it (although, I generally love the car).
  9. TheBluf

    Seats not returning to driving position

    Is anyone else having a problem that their seat moves back to help you get out of the car like it should, but then fails to go back forward when you start the car again? Luckily, I've saved my seat position in memory, but it's annoying to have to do this half of the times when I re-enter the...
  10. TheBluf

    Android Auto fix soon

    Good thing to know it's not just me! I just picked up my car this afternoon and my phone won't connect to Android Auto at all! I went back into the dealership to ask about it and they couldn't tell me why, either.
  11. TheBluf

    Will there be any left from the initial 50k if I order in March

    There won't be anything on your credit report until you actually buy the car (beside the $500 deposit) because you haven't put any financing in place, so unless you're not closing for a few months, I wouldn't think there's a risk of ordering now.
  12. TheBluf

    Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    I also just got an email that my car has been delayed to mid-March...which is weird, because the tracking system is still showing delivery next week, and my dealer seems to think that they'll arrive next week.
  13. TheBluf

    Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    More arrived than those 9. According to Palsapp, my car was delivered to Kansas City today, and isn't on that freight bill. Delivery in So Cal expected sometime next week. I'm getting excited! dealer just has to finish getting approved for clean fuel rewards before it arrives...
  14. TheBluf

    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Does anyone know how we'll be notified of a delivery date once our car ships? Let the excitement begin!
  15. TheBluf

    Update to financing options?

    It would be nice if someone was able to post the finance rates (not lease or options). My contact at the dealer must be on vacation, as I haven't heard back from them...
  16. TheBluf

    2021 Mach-E User Manual Now Available!

    I was just checking the Ford Pass app and realized that the User Manual for the Mustang Mach-E was posted today. Enjoy!
  17. TheBluf

    Mach-E Financing and RCL Leasing Program Announced

    Are you able to show the published rates for retail and lease?
  18. TheBluf

    Mach-E Financing and RCL Leasing Program Announced

    Any word on the interest rates yet (for financing, especially)?
  19. TheBluf

    "What to Know Before You Go" Mach-E Brochure

    I can certainly deal with that, so long as it doesn't have to download when the car is idle! Can tether on my phone while I'm charging or something.