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  1. Lukas

    Mach-E on aftermarket wheels from Project 6GR

    Project 6GR rendered their wheels on the Mach-E.
  2. Lukas

    Ford Updates on Mach-E Reservations, Order Bank, Cancellations, Test Drives, Deliveries

    Full article at Not sure why they went with that title since Kaufman doesn't talk about contactless test drives at all, but some interesting info from the article: In “three to four weeks,”...
  3. Lukas

    Video showing some Mach-E Sync4A functions / features (Ford UK)

    This been posted yet? Don't remember seeing it yet.
  4. Lukas

    Mach-E app will be FordPass Connect App?

    Basically surveillance mode using the car's cameras. Catches acts of vandalism etc. Good discussions on it here -
  5. Lukas

    Mach-E app will be FordPass Connect App?

    Will the Mach-E get its own app or use the FordPass Connect app? Looks like the FordPass app already covers the major functions -- remote start stop, lock unlock, schedule start, schedule heating and cooling, locate vehicle, battery status, charging status, etc. Has anyone tried the app with...
  6. Lukas

    A lot of information on Mach-E

    Won't you be able to use the FordPass Connect app to remote lock/unlock and start the Mach-E too?
  7. Lukas

    Thoughts on bargaining with dealers prior to official ordering process?

    Tesla also plays loose with some of the pricing listed on their official website. Along with the MSRP they list a "price after potential savings" which factors into the price how much money you potentially save from gas savings and state/federal incentives.
  8. Lukas

    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    I don't see where that confirms your reservation # is cancelled if you switch dealers. To me the language "You may not transfer or assign your Reservation or any other rights under these Terms and Conditions." is likely talking about transferring/assigning to another individual.
  9. Lukas

    2021 Mach-E Insurance Price Quote

    Thought about doing that too just for an idea but I was thinking the Model 3 is probably classified differently. It's a sedan while the Mach-E will be classified as a crossover or SUV?
  10. Lukas

    Mach-E crash test results - when does this become public knowledge?

    Teslas have crashed tested extremely well. Does it have anything at all to do with the skateboard platforms that these EVs are built on. Does the weight/mass of the battery packed chassis help absorb impact forces?
  11. Lukas

    How will you mod your Mach-E?

    Unless I get the GT with the top end wheels, I'll be upgrading the wheels at some point since that's the only wheel design I really love. There's lots of EV specific wheels being made now that look just as good as traditional aftermarket wheels but pay extra attention to weight and size/width...
  12. Lukas

    2021 Mach-E Insurance Price Quote

    Anyone been able to get an insurance quote yet? If not, any educated guesses as to what other vehicles it might be priced similar to? I just tried getting a quote on Geico and Progressive but the Mach-E isn't listed yet. Even tried a Model Y just to get a ballpark estimate but that wasn't in...
  13. Lukas

    What Color Red?

    ^^^^ Yes that's Rapid Red in the header. It seems like the color takes on very different shades depending on the camera settings and the lighting. Just looking through the Rapid Red photos thread you can see so many different looks for it. I'm going to guess that the pics posted by @hybrid2bev...
  14. Lukas

    GE2 (Ford) vs MEB (VW) platform...

    Is the Mach-E's MEB EV platform also being used for the electric F-150? I know they've said the Lincoln EV will be built on Rivian platform but haven't seen it published anywhere what platform the F-150 will be built on.
  15. Lukas

    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - Here is Why (vs TESLA)

    Interesting, just charging the battery warms them up so much that it also warms up the cabin? So during cold overnights there's no need to pre-warm the cabin in the morning using the HVAC system if you've scheduled charging for right before you get in the car? Anyone know if the app or onboard...
  16. Lukas

    One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    Over 90% voted yes so far. I'm surprised but it looks like 1 pedal driving is a generally accepted or preferred method of driving now. Still it's good to see that it be turned off for the small group that prefer traditional 2 pedal operation. In my experience with it I've preferred one pedal...
  17. Lukas

    Caramel Mach-E Auto

    Too bad they don't offer the Mach-E in a Caramel color. Then you could say you drive a "Caramel Mach-E Auto" Get it? Caramel Machiato! :p