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  1. JohnnyForensic

    MME vs. RDX - Experiences?

    Yeah, I use Sport almost entirely—still feels laggy to me, and Sport+ is just too damned loud for my tastes. I have this routine of getting in, turning off Start/Stop, turning on Brake Hold, and making sure I’m in Sport before I go. I mean, I’m being picky. I actually love the car a LOT which...
  2. JohnnyForensic

    Hilton Head , Savannah owners?

    Hey, would you mind posting a picture of the rear glass holder/clip issue for the rest of us to see? I'd like to add it to my personal delivery checklist if I could. Thank you!
  3. JohnnyForensic

    Weight Limit in Trunk

    Just to make sure because I'm curious too, you had the rear floor in the higher position (flat load floor) and not the lower position, yes?
  4. JohnnyForensic

    MME vs. RDX - Experiences?

    That’s exactly what I was looking for, @4TangledKites, thank you. I do really like my 2019 RDX, and I’m good with the transmission, but the turbo lag off the line is what kills me, and I’m not any kind of speed freak. I just hate pushing the pedal and waiting what seems like forever for it to...
  5. JohnnyForensic

    MME vs. RDX - Experiences?

    Yeah, I’m trying to convince my wife to keep our RDX instead of the minivan, but she loves that damned Odyssey.
  6. JohnnyForensic

    This forum is giving me cold feet…

    This is SO true. While I did a lot of research before I purchased my current ICE vehicle, this forum has been instrumental in getting me prepped for driving my MME when it arrives. I've got a high VIN, being built next week, so I'm hoping to bypass a lot of the 1.0 issues that a lot here have...
  7. JohnnyForensic

    Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    As I was filling my gas tank on my RDX (still in line for my MME, but build is about a week out!), I noted that the gas tank door opens the same way that the MME's charge port door does. For kicks, I pressed against it, and the edge of the door EASILY hit the side of the car while open. Noodling...
  8. JohnnyForensic

    Full charge on battery is less than expected

    Also, since you just picked it up, you might want to reset the driving history to zero-out the previous test drive habits. A lot of people here noticed their range meter was closer to “factory” after that, but there are a lot of factors, and the post mentioned here is a much better way to get a...
  9. JohnnyForensic

    DC Charging Seems Expensive

    I’d also be curious how much you road trip. If you’re talking about once or twice in a year, the cost difference for the trips specifically would be negligible. If you’re road tripping beyond home charging capacity a few times a month, then I could see how it might add up a bit, but honestly...
  10. JohnnyForensic

    Vin number

    Call your dealer and ask them. They should have provided it to you a long time ago. I got mine about two weeks after ordering.
  11. JohnnyForensic

    Speed sign said 65 mph car said 85 mph, yikes!!

    In about six to eight weeks, I'll be able to. :)
  12. JohnnyForensic

    Fake customers? Dealer trickery

    I had to do the same when I ordered mine. Had to go to the dealership to finish the order process in person and they needed an ID to show Ford.
  13. JohnnyForensic

    New Charging issues-only charges to 50-55% at home now?

    Please post the results of that call, as I have a CP Home Flex on backorder. Thanks!
  14. JohnnyForensic

    Anti-theft. How easy is it to disable?

    My daughter totaled her Chevy Sonic in December. The car STILL sends me reports on its maintenance and health, and what I find most interesting is that Nationwide totaled it, but someone has been driving it about five hundred miles each month since. Hmmm.
  15. JohnnyForensic

    Cluster Screen

    This is the primary thing I think I'm going to miss going from my '19 Acura RDX to the Mach-E -- the HUD. Having the important data high and in the driver's vision is infinitely better than down and to the right, a la the M3/MY. I almost never look at the actual hardware speedometer with the...
  16. JohnnyForensic

    Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    Thank you so much for all the work you did on this; I've ordered mine and I won't even have the car for another two months. That said, I wonder if Ford has made changes to those rolling off the line recently to further prevent this issue since it's such a prevalent thread here and we know...
  17. JohnnyForensic

    MME vs. RDX - Experiences?

    I know at least a few of you have an Acura RDX and an MME in your driveway based on other conversations. For those of you with an RDX--especially one of the newest designs (the current American designed and built models--2019, 2020, 2021)--can you tell me how you feel they compare in whatever...
  18. JohnnyForensic

    Incentives around VA?

    I haven’t found any either. We’re with Rappahannock Electric, and they have no incentives. I think you’re at HOV access (if you pay for the clean special fuel plate up charge), but it gives you no benefit on the HOV express lanes. That’s literally it as far as I can tell. Well, that and the...
  19. JohnnyForensic

    Another EV buyer cheated by the dealership model

    This kind of practice must be why I just saw a Tweet from Dana Ford that they had 53 MMEs in stock right now.
  20. JohnnyForensic

    Speed sign said 65 mph car said 85 mph, yikes!!

    Out of curiosity, does anyone have experience with what it does for "speed limit when flashing" signs? Like our little town nearby is 35 MPH, but if the school zone speed limit signs (which look just like the others with the addition of the lights at the top and bottom and a note about "when...