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  1. $600.00 Blue Cruise is coming....

    Ford has been very specific about this. It's $600 for a three-year subscription.
  2. $600.00 Blue Cruise is coming....

    For cars already delivered and for those in the pipeline until the software is completed, yes. Once the software is released, it will ship with the car and the price will increase $600. It will not be optional at that point.
  3. $600.00 Blue Cruise is coming....

    Since BlueCruise is not finished/released, no one is getting charged for it yet. Once it is released, the price of the car increases $600 and a 3-year subscription is included. Until then, Ford is giving $100 credit, but there is no obligation to subscribe later. How did you agree to...
  4. For those with mileage/battery capacity concerns

    As has been discussed in many other threads, people are often taking the mileage estimate from the Guess-o-meter as gospel truth about range. It is not.
  5. First to buy, first to debug.

    "Apprehend" must mean "appreciate & comprehend" in this context. :p
  6. Any OBD-II app that works yet?

    This looks interesting. Has anyone used one that can comment on how effective it is?
  7. Display range

    Mark, look at the Forum "Batteries & Charging". It is a Sticky at the top and is labeled as such.
  8. Display range is.
  9. The Honda Clarity is Dead

    Yep, certainly not exciting, but comfortable and very reliable. I think it bordered on being an Acura. The tech is dated now after 3-4 years and it didn't have a few safety features like backup warning and lane change alert, but I did like the camera in the right side-view mirror. Honda...
  10. Display range

    There's a Sticky all about this:
  11. The Honda Clarity is Dead

    I drove an electric Clarity for 3-1/2 years and it was a great car. They would obviously be scarce in other parts of the country, but there are A LOT of PHEV Claritys in California.
  12. Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    It was pointed out somewhere that the FCC ID was what counted, and these are identical. I can't verify that but I read it on the internet so it must be true.
  13. Outside Air Temperature Discrepancy

    It may be a plausible explanation, but I disagree that it makes sense. The temperature readout on the dash of a car is commonly accepted to be the outside temperature. It's a damn thermometer to tell us what the weather is like! If we need to contort into a pretzel to explain why the temperature...
  14. Munro is not happy with the Mach-E, back in Tesla fanboy mode

    "Job 2" is a designation for the next batch of Mach-E and they will not have the dividers. The front license plate mount is also a choosable option (no-cost), so you can opt out if you don't want it.
  15. Brake Shudder

    "Break shutter" has a vastly different meaning than "brake shudder". OP might want to revise the title because some members might not read or respond to the thread because of it.
  16. BMW gets in the game

    Wow, what a story. This kind of thing worries me, not particularly about the Mach E, but as a cautionary tale about the new ground that is being broken with high-tech cars (especially EVs) and systems being introduced that are unproven. I think BMW does plenty of R&D and still that happened. I'm...
  17. Munro is not happy with the Mach-E, back in Tesla fanboy mode

    What other vehicle(s) made by Ford have a cargo area under the front hood instead of an engine? Not defending the design -- I don't like it -- but don't compare it to their other cars. It's obviously a different scenario.
  18. Speed sign said 65 mph car said 85 mph, yikes!!

    The same thing happened to me. 85 mph all of a sudden. Hello! From my experience, there is no doubt the car is reading the signs. Proof lies in going through many construction zones with temporary speed limits set up (orange 55 signs, instead of the normal 65, for example) and the car responds...
  19. 15 Things We Hate About Our New Mustang Mach-E (Owner's Perspective)

    Just look at the pic and name of the video. Designed to be clickbait, ignore.
  20. My Zoom meeting with many Ford Mach-E engineers/employees

    This has just gotten stupid. You don't like the dial, fine. You think it's ugly, fine. To compare a moving vehicle, where attention and eyes must remain on the road while performing other tasks, to your TV (across the room, hello remote control) and computer (where hands are constantly resting...