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  1. Mach80MME

    Our 1st long road trip with 4 passengers/luggage (440 miles each way)

    ^^^^^ The best operational technical review I've read on this site. 😁
  2. Mach80MME

    PSA: Watch for vermin. Rats - Mice - Squirrels

    Visited my brother recently who lives just outside a major AZ city in a acre lot home area. I can't vouch for the effectiveness, but driving down his street at night, every vehicle had LED rope lights blazing underneath. I thought it was some weird desert holiday display. He said they'd had...
  3. Mach80MME

    BlueCruise on new orders

    I will be surprised if there won't be a long list of auto functions that will require yearly subscriptions including "Your Vehicle is No Longer Supported" messages if Ford and the others figure out their parts and service revenue declines with future reliability and drivetrain lifetime...
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    Bring back Infinite Blue. I'd switch my order out of Space White immediately.
  5. Mach80MME

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Thanks Larry and SEA, just wanted to make sure "Order in Progress" wasn't some endless loop and not plodding along as normal.
  6. Mach80MME

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Hello all, 1st post, great board, appreciate all the information. Order is in. 5/11/2021 South FL Premium RWD ER Space White Question: Ordered on 5/11/21, "Accepted by Dealer" and showing "Order in Progress". Is this the normal progression at this point (5/25)? I understand the build date is...