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  1. Stoked on Range: AWD Standard Battery Achieved 148 Miles on 50% of Battery

    I hit 300 for the first time this morning. :) I have about 6500 miles on it so far. I've driven it on several long road trips and I a lot of confidence in the range. I do not drive it conservatively. I always have it on Unbridled. And when I am first at a stop light, I make sure to get...
  2. Ford to Expand Mach-E's Early Access Program For OTA Updates

    Can you explain more? I use Siri, and would be curious what I can (and cannot) do, both via CarPlay or by using my phone when I am not in the car.
  3. Achieved 3 miles per KWH. It looks like the 270 mile range is real.

    Nice red! I selected Infinite Blue - second guessing after seeing your photo ;) I took my order a couple days ago - AWD extended. Right now I have about 280 miles on the car, The guesstimate is a range of only 196 miles, which is worrying. It's been high 30's / low 40's. But it has also been...