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  1. zvez

    I was told yesterday the wait is 24 weeks. Seriously?

    Mine actually arrived a week ahead of schedule, 17 weeks from when I ordered it.
  2. zvez

    Munro is not happy with the Mach-E, back in Tesla fanboy mode

    everyone points to tesla ,, but tesla has been in EV biz for years and years. Certainly they had lots of trial and error, and they're still roundly criticized in terms of build quality.
  3. zvez

    My Zoom meeting with many Ford Mach-E engineers/employees

    the single key fob is probably the lamest aspect of the whole mach e experience for me. It's like they're giving you no option to using PAAK which has a pretty spotty track record thus far. Agree, we need a paper manual, I went ahead and loaded a copy of the manual onto my phone.
  4. zvez

    Supply and demand at work?!?

    it's interesting it seems the other EVSEs are pretty much the price they've been for a few months.
  5. zvez

    Demo model financing

    I'm thinking that's one to bypass. What could possibly cause a failure of brakes and rotors in 2600 miles, boggles the mind Have you done a search to see if dealers not far from you have cars similar in stock at msrp.
  6. zvez

    Electrical issues, broken Mach e

    you can physically check the 12 volt battery in the frunk by removing the top panel, I seem to recall a link on this forum detailing how . You can then check the battery directly with a voltmeter
  7. zvez

    Demo model financing

    I don't think the loan rate has anything to do with it being a demo. the dealer just doesn't want to commit to a rate that theoretically could change. I financed with ford standard 0.9% for 48 months, that rate has been the same for some time, I don't see anything in the next few months...
  8. zvez

    Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    So just to clarify, the $20 is for the actual part, not the print file?
  9. zvez

    Reward points for 2nd key fob?

    DO you have a link? I found an online vendor but they don't seem to have a mach e specific fob.
  10. zvez

    Is Ford getting better at installing the pano roof?

    interesting, the panel roof alignment was the first thing I looked at when getting my car a few days ago. Perfectly straight and even all the way across. Additionally I didn't notice any buffeting noise at high speed either. I also did a walk around and was impressed by the quality of the paint...
  11. zvez

    Stoked on Range: AWD Standard Battery Achieved 148 Miles on 50% of Battery

    only had mine a few days and have only put 100 miles on the car. I've got a standard range battery rwd. Hoping I can average the 230.
  12. zvez

    Puddle Lights

    so aware of the puddle lamp inconsistency. I picked up my car 3 days ago, BEFORE setting up PAAK the puddle lamps illuminated every time, and also the lights would come on. AFTER configuring the PAAK the puddle lamps and welcome lighting no longer works. Has anyone heard of a solution? Someone...
  13. zvez

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    filled out update submission form. ordered 1/15/21 schedule build confirm 2/18/21, scheduled build week 4/18/21, built 4/24/21, delivery date range from 5/24-5/30/21
  14. zvez

    Getting garage charger ready to receive my Mach E

    This is the spec sheet from ford. BTW, I had a new built garage 2007,, we had a panel put in. So it was a 45 minute process to put the 14-50 plug in with a 50 amp fuse. Depending on the age of your garage will determine cost to add charging capability. 30 amp breaker won't be sufficient to...
  15. zvez

    OTA Update 4/8/2021 - Have You Noticed What's Changed?

    can someone confirm, will the OTA updates work on a car in an enclosed garage?
  16. zvez

    Ordered touch-up paint

    these people also offer touchups
  17. zvez

    Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    that looks very nice, what did the wheels cost? What did you do about center logo? I can't really tell in the pics
  18. zvez

    April/May Build Dates

    still showing scheduled for build 4/18
  19. zvez

    First encounter with a “Not a Mustanger”.

    I think true hardcore mustang enthusiasts have the embarrassment of out of control mustang burnouts on youtube, it would seem a lot of the general public views mustang owners as tools rightly or now
  20. zvez

    So I joined the Mustang Club of America . . .

    but realistically I haven't encountered ANYONE that calls it a Mustang Mach -E, without fail everyone calls it a Mach-E