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  1. Dash cam

    If you get it, do you plan to install yourself or have a dealership or private shop do it?
  2. PAAK is finally working as promised.

    I'm on android with a Samsung S21+, is the constant attempts to connect to the car going to drain my battery?
  3. PAAK is finally working as promised.

    Do you guys always have your phones trying to connect to the car in your homes? This is the biggest reason I got rid of it because I kept getting notifications that my phone was trying to connect near constantly no matter where I am in the house. If this has happened to anyone and you solved...
  4. What's missing?

    For me the absolute biggest, is sentry mode.
  5. Spotify skipping like a CD using wireless AndroidAuto

    Mine doesn't seem to have anything that starts it. I never use Nav of any kind while driving, so nothing being said over my music. I will try to see if something else could be triggering it though, maybe something else with Androidauto that I didn't notice before. 🤔
  6. Spotify skipping like a CD using wireless AndroidAuto

    When I first got the car it never happened. Then it happened once after driving for almost a half hour then kept happening more. Now it's nearly every day driving to work and back, which is about 20 minutes.
  7. Spotify skipping like a CD using wireless AndroidAuto

    No I don't have PaaK set up. I had it at one point but I park too close to the house and it was always trying to connect and unlocking and locking so I deleted it.
  8. Spotify skipping like a CD using wireless AndroidAuto

    So like the title says, when I'm listening to music using spotify through wireless Android auto after about 15 minutes my music will start skipping like a scratched up CD. If I switch to Bluetooth audio it goes away, then immediately switching back it will be fine for a few seconds then start...
  9. OEM All Weather Floor & Cargo Mat

    Ordered mine directly from the dealership and used points to get them for free. They look great and the branding and logos are very nice. I do wish they went up a little higher up the sides like a weather tech mat would.
  10. Ford lots are empty!

    Dealer I bought mine from has so few cars right now they are redoing a giant part of the old lot and expanding it. They hardly have enough to fill the main front lot so I guess they are using the lack of stock in their favor. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Touch-less Car Wash Experience

    I have taken mine through twice now, once while I did my extended test drive of it and once while owning it. I never do more than the basic wash with any of my vehicles, as the extra "wax" sealant whatever junk does absolutely nothing. It does a good job at getting the dust and pollen off...
  12. Replacement front wiper blades

    Thanks! I ordered some Bosch Icons! 😁
  13. Replacement front wiper blades

    Angelwax H2Go is used to seal all the glass.
  14. Replacement front wiper blades

    I've searched around the forum and couldn't find anything for the front wiper blades, only the rear which I already have ordered. I'm not a big fan of the wiper blades on the front; they get the job done okayish but I'm looking to replace them around the time I get my MMe's windows sealed. My...
  15. Main Battery Removal Guide

    Out of curiosity, would it be possible in the future to switch out the battery for a more advanced one that could provide more range, perform better in cold weather, ect.?
  16. Lane Keeping - not sure I'm a fan

    Is it possible to just have lane keeping on while in cruise control and turn off lane centering like I can in our Edge? I like lane keeping, but never been a huge fan of the centering. Its not any better in the MMe than the Edge. :(
  17. Buying a Demo now called a "Mannequin"

    Update time!! I have just taken home my MMe! I am told that I am the first person to purchase a mannequin in all of Ford(crazy!) and received an email from the regional Ford representative that because I pushed so hard for answers I actually helped influence the policy on the 7500 off the top of...
  18. Say Hello Everyone

    Welcome welcome!! 😁
  19. Interesting Crowd Reactions

    "So in defense of the Mustang Mach-E, just get over the name already. It's fine." Loved this at the end of the article. 😂
  20. Does all MME models have the Ambient lighting feature?

    According to the spec sheet on the ford website the RT1 doesn't have ambient lighting.