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  1. Software update speculation and wish list.

    I would like standby mode. Basically if I'm running into a store for a few minutes only, I don't want to shut off the car and then remote start it again. Instead, hit stand by, take your key with you, and the vehicle stays running for 15 mins...and requires the key to move back into run mode.
  2. 2 blue lights overhead

    I could have sworn mine changed color. Now I will have to check tomorrow. Apologies in advance if IDNRC. (I Did Not Recall Correctly). :)
  3. 2 blue lights overhead

    Aren't they part of ambient lighting? I figured they provide an accent to the space beneath them. IIRC, the color will match your ambient lighting choice. If true, you may be able to turn them off if there is an option to turn off ambient lighting altogether.
  4. 240V Wall Outlet vs. Level 2 EV Charger

    I went with a chargepoint home flex on a 60 amp circuit. As someone said earlier, if I'm paying for a run, might as well support a 48 amp charge rate. Originally I was going to have a 240 outlet installed on the circuit and use the Ford charger. Since my utility offers a 500 rebate if you...
  5. Leave it plugged in, or unplug?

    Good info! I've been working on my range anxiety. If it gets to 30 percent, I start getting nervous. This may actually stem from gas vehicles, because at a quarter tank I would start planning a trip to the gas pump. (I drive like 10 miles a day during the week). Weekends vary. In reality...
  6. Leave it plugged in, or unplug?

    Revisiting topics covered previously is valuable. New users provide new perspectives, and things change often enough to revisit and revalidate them in many cases. Sure, if the topic was covered by 2 other threads in the past week, that is different. But seriously, if you don't want to...
  7. Taking Mach-E through commercial car wash?

    My research on brushless indicates the stronger chemicals eat your wax, zaino, whatever. Then they mist with a rinse agent that mimics the visual appearance of water beading on wax. ONR is great, except no good way to flush the undercarriage of salt in winter. So, it's carwash scratches that...
  8. Friday doesn't count!

    Well, had the same issue on Sunday...this time it insisted on waiting until 11PM to charge even though weekend was set to "anytime". I've tried various workarounds, deleting my location...manually setting the schedule, entering my utility and trying to use recommended times. In each case, the...
  9. Disable PaaK when at home?

    I've had intermittent results, especially on recognizing that I'm approaching the car. Just today I was locked out in the rain while I fumbled with app. Restarting the app solved it, on the 2nd or third try. But it also causes issue on walk away. There is a SSM for PAAk Issues, but it may...
  10. I don’t believe that your screen doesn’t buzz

    Yep, buzz here as well, and it's annoying. But recently noticed more motor whine than buzz...Wich was a bit strange. I'm thinking the colder temps today contributed to the shift. Either way, I don't think there is a good reason for display buzz in a solid state device like our screens. Buzz...
  11. Friday doesn't count!

    I prefer to control my charging from the car. That way, if it wants to draw juice for keeping Batts warm or cool, all good! Well, vehicle insisted on starting my charge at 6pm on today (Friday) which is not at my good electric rate. After playing around with all the charge settings,, the...
  12. Stoked on Range: AWD Standard Battery Achieved 148 Miles on 50% of Battery

    Ford Journey doest work if you use Android Auto. AA uses WiFi and Journey needs Bluetooth. Kind of a bummer. Took my first longer trip today. About 116 miles, but it took 70% of my charge. It was raining the whole time and in the 40s. Cruise set at 77 mph.
  13. New Paak Notifications

    I would like this notification.. hopefully it would come soon via OTA update.
  14. Received OTA today

    Ahh, interesting. Thanks for the information!
  15. Received OTA today

    Well, when I got my Mach E just over a week ago, I checked for updates and it said it was up to date. Maybe it took some time for my Mach E to be registered in the system? That would seem odd, as I figure their OTAs would want to be applied to inventory too
  16. Received OTA today

    I didn't see another post on this, but my Mach E reported it was updated last night. Just says bug fixes and such, so not sure what was in the release.
  17. Ambient lighting always defaults back to blue no matter what I select

    I had this issue. Toggling off auto ambient light never saved, and kept reverting. Turns out my paak was not associated with my profile causing some weird I would manually select my profile via screen or seat mem button. Profile was correct, but starting the car anew meant I was...
  18. Blind Spot Monitoring - Audible

    Want this. With all the auto lights appearing in your side mirrors, plus fatigue, it's very easy to look right at the blind spot light and not register it was on. Audible while blinker is on would help. If the audible can be toggled, even better. Win, win, no?
  19. Another New Owner

    Hi all, Been lurking for a few weeks. I received my Mach E last Friday. (Premium AWD STD) I spotted one on the road about 3 weeks ago. I investigated and was impressed. So I searched for one in inventory, but they were all demos. So I ordered one, which was disappointing because blue was...