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    Hi @BlackheathDiggs and @SashaLondon Sorry to hear your dealer seems to be taking a long time to get your cars ready πŸ™ As it looks like something has been happening today on both your cars, I thought I'd share my PTI information after my car had its PDI and eCall update on Friday...
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    Hi @BlackheathDiggs 19 months - that's the gestation period of an elephant πŸ€” Not quite sure what the relevance of that is, but hope your "baby" is significantly lighter, faster, more manouevrable, less bouncy, more comfortable and requires less fuel πŸ˜‚ I think our cars have been on much the...
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    Hi @Coolcatshaft Firstly, I agree 100% about Hannah and (my) dealership as well - always helpful and courteous, in the most difficult of circumstances and with little support! And I agree 100,000% re: Ford, if ever there was an example of poor planning and execution, and a lack of regard for...
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    Hi @Mercury8 That's really disappointing - I do not understand why they cannot have your car ready in a week at most πŸ€” Hopefully it'll be earlier than they say πŸ€žπŸ‘ Cheers David
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    Hi @SteveUk I didn't realise you'd picked up your car ! Sorry to hear you've got the screen buzz, that's a real pain πŸ™ Hope everything otherwise is really good for you πŸ€žπŸ‘ Cheers David
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    Hi @SJ_Okay Sounds brilliant πŸ˜€ I'm regretting my decision to have the paint protection as it'll add a couple more days ........ not really, will just have to be patient πŸ˜₯ In other exciting news, my brand new, unused Ford Connected Wallbox is going to be fixed or replaced Monday week .... πŸ˜’...
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    Hi @PMAWB This is obviously another "location" bug like the eCall πŸ˜‚ Cheers!
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    Hi all Quick update on car mileage at delivery ...... Speaking to my dealer, he said the three cars they had delivered to them the other week each had 40 miles or so on the clock (instrument cluster πŸ˜€)
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    Thanks @Tony.T Yes, that sounds like good advice ..... or should that be sound advice πŸ˜‰ Cheers David
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    Hi again @SJ_Okay That sounds like you've found a really good dealership - very impressive to get such a considered reply. Having looked at my roof again this afternoon (and also being slightly pernickety!) I am happy with it - so hope you find everything OK when you see the car in person πŸ€žπŸ‘
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    Hi @Wonky_Donkey Very many thanks for taking the further pics - they're a great comparison for mine πŸ‘ These came through on my hour and a half bus journey to the dealer this afternoon - I should have kept my old car for another couple of weeks πŸ˜‚ It's interesting that others have also said the...
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    Hi @SJ_Okay Thanks for posting the pics - saw them as I was on the way to the dealers his afternoon πŸ‘ My car doesn't appear to have the raised edge at the front, but has a significantly wider gap in the right-hand side channel running the length of the roof, when compared to the left-hand...
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    Hi @BlackheathDiggs I have the same update on my ETIS page today - hopefully the fix will be here in a couple of days 🀞
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    Hi @SJ_Okay Yes, you're right .... it's been such a long wait, the Ford charger has been installed (although there's a problem with it!), I sold my car a couple of weeks ago, the wait for a replacement ....... Hopefully, as you say, if things can be "fixed" I'll go with it πŸ€žπŸ‘ Thanks for your...
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    Good morning @Wonky_Donkey That is really kind - sorry to put you to so much trouble πŸ™ It will be really helpful to compare the "gaps" on your car πŸ‘ Thanks for your thoughts and experience re: the wind noise, and will be interesting to see what effect the foam rods may have. I must admit I...
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    Hi @SJ_Okay Unfortunately not, although I had also hoped to check this - they opened the car but didn't leave me the key πŸ˜‰ I will have a further look later this afternoon when I go in to sign-off all the paperwork etc. (subject to being happy with everything ....... or accepting not...
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    Hi again @Tony.T That is really interesting - and looking again at my pic the wing does look a little lower at the front end i.e. as if pushed. I'll look closer tomorrow afternoon when I see the dealer. There were no obvious signs of being leaned on, although Ford did deliver to the wrong...
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    Hi again @Wonky_Donkey Thanks for the further pics πŸ‘ Many apologies, the issue with the pano roof on my car is more between left-hand side and right-hand side ....... sorry, I'm not sure my pics were very clear πŸ˜• Broadly the gap/channel running the length of the left/near side is...
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    Hi @Wonky_Donkey Thanks so much for the pics here - really helpful πŸ‘ That looks exactly like I would expect mine to be - so definitely something to raise with the dealer tomorrow 🀞 Out of interest, do you know when you car was built? Kind regards David
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    Yes, I agree @SteveUk It is disappointing - even allowing for the fact my MME was, I think, an early build (start of December 2020). I am however suprised that the "additional QA" carried out in Antwerp did not identify these issues. I can understand to some degree that they may not have...