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  1. Ideas to improve Dashboard display

    That's what'd I'd like for sure... I don't want a bunch of (other people's) clutter, so whatever the solution is I hope it's something configurable.
  2. Ideas to improve Dashboard display

    Works for me... I learned to fly on the "steam gauge" generation of aircraft, so I'm totally fine with this :)
  3. Ideas to improve Dashboard display

    Yes, it displays the current speed in large numbers and the speed limit in a faux black and white speed sign. It uses the camera to detect the sign, so it will even update in parking lots and the like (my kid's school has a "10 mph" sign near the parking lot entrance and a "5 mph" sign further...
  4. Electrify America Home Charger Now Available

    I ended up getting an OpenEVSE kit to charge at 48A and have had zero issues with it so far.
  5. {Early Access Feature} Ford Intelligent Charging

    Turns out I can't use this feature. I set the minimum to 80%, but it kept charging to 100%. I live at the top of a 800' hill (5-8% grade) and use regen all the way down. When the battery is at 100%, it can't regen smoothly and the car vibrates all the way down the hill. Since it doesn't support...
  6. Got my first electric bill.... share yours

    Can't you use the Powerwalls to store solar-generated electricity and discharge them into your EV at night?
  7. Got my first electric bill.... share yours

    I've been getting a shade less than 4 mpKwh, so that works out to about $0.02/mile since we pay about $0.08/kWh. We drive about 1500 miles per month in the Mach-E, so that works out to about $30/month to feed it.
  8. SSM 49795 - Unable To Perform Remote Commands Via The FordPass App - Erroneous Deep Sleep Message

    I've had this happen once shortly after parking the car at home. Sometimes I feel that if it wasn't for bugs, the FordPass system wouldn't exist at all...
  9. My Shadow Black Mach-E on 20" wheels

    You just have to turn off the JJ Abrams filter.
  10. Received New Early Access Program Invite

    I got the email. Gladly signed up. Waiting to see what's next. Since I didn't get my Starlink Beta from Musk, I feel this is cosmic balance.
  11. Ideas to improve Dashboard display

    I've been assuming the current software is like the first iPhone (remember those?) and that in a couple years there will be all sorts of extra things over what's available in 1.0.
  12. Ideas to improve Dashboard display

    I still want an analog speed display... reading numbers is annoying since i have to actually process the number and convert it to a "am i going the speed i want to be?" instead of just seeing where a needle is in my peripheral vision. maybe that's just my age showing... i'm over 27.
  13. Paint Problems

    I think you mean "Unfortunately, paint companies haven't found a good way of making high performance paint that isn't harmful to our ecosystem and particularly us humans, as a species." ... but I digress. Yeah, my Mach-E looked like you might have expected it to look... like it had been...
  14. Charging to 90%

    Wait until you try and get pre-conditioning to work... I've had the same "Make it ready by 7:30am every day" schedule since I bought it and it works about one day a week. Maybe.
  15. Convertible?

    A convertible has to solve the structural rigidity problem. With the floor being taken up by battery, I assume it would be difficult to replace the rigidity provided by the superstructure that's removed when making a convertible.
  16. Paint Problems

    keep in mind we're all driving our cars pretty soon after coming off the line - i imagine "most" cars have been sitting around for a while longer baking in the sun on a lot before we bought them and the paint was a bit harder. that said, i've been detailing (polishing) my paint over the last few...
  17. Critiques six weeks and 2100 miles in...

    Yeah, I also assume the low end Mustangs aren't all that great. I've obviously never been a Mustang fanboy, so I can't speak from a place of knowledge. What I'm referring to is what I (and other people perhaps) assume a Mustang is. The Mach-E is not what I assume a Mustang aspires to be at this...
  18. Critiques six weeks and 2100 miles in...

    I've heard this before as well and it does make sense. Having that emotional connection to the product will make people put in extra effort. At the end of the day though, it still has a pony all over it and it's not even as much of a Mustang as the Panamera is a Carrera. I am glad they didn't...
  19. Critiques six weeks and 2100 miles in...

    At this point, I've gotten comfortable with the Mach-E user experience and have some more detailed thoughts beyond my first impressions. For reference, I have a Premium 4X. Other than these things below, the car is pretty nice. The interior is befitting of a $50k car, the tech is pretty good...
  20. Don't open if your faint of heart... Mach-E Crash

    i hear samcrac will take a look at the auction...