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  1. SOLIDAge

    Our 1st long road trip with 4 passengers/luggage (440 miles each way)

    As someone who has driven their car from the middle of the country to the east coast (1500+ miles) take my advice that it is straight forward and fun, and don't let any of the one off horror stories or fear ruin the experience for you!
  2. SOLIDAge

    Replacement tire shortage

    This is not the thread I wanted to find when I searched for info on a replacement tire after finding a nail in mine...
  3. SOLIDAge

    Propulsion Sound Stopped Working!

    I tried the unbridled sound last night for the first time and liked it. But today my car started doing the same thing everyone else mentions. It just turns on for a second and turns off and won’t come on. Really annoying.
  4. SOLIDAge

    Phone as Key - One week Trial leaving FOB at home

    Am I missing something? I see these posts pop up every now and then and it baffles me why no one just uses the door code as a backup if PaaK doesn't work? I got my Mach-E 2 months ago and have the fob in a drawer. The phone works 75% of the time, but when it doesn't I just use the door code.
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    Sport Stripes and other Mach-E accessories now available

    My cargo mat finally came in so I figured I'd post a picture for people to see what it looks like installed.
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    Preparing for Mach-E charging at home - preparation and installing charger

    Just posting that I had an electrician installed NEMA plug put in today and then mounted a JuiceBox 40 and it works flawlessly with the Mach-E!
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    Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    So that power train error message in the ford pass I have seen once before when charging at an Electrify America station. It occurred after i got the "charge station failure" error that happens from time to time, but have thought nothing of it. Should I bring my vehicle to the dealership?
  8. SOLIDAge

    Is anyone purchasing the official stripes from Ford?

    I would add the stripes if they were a little more traditional, really not a fan of the ones they released for the Mach-E. Let me know what you come across!
  9. SOLIDAge

    Reply from Electrify America

    I submitted a site recommendation (Myrtle Beach, SC) and when I hit sent the form just went back to the EA website with no confirmation email or anything so not sure if it went through or crashed but it would be really nice to have one down here.
  10. SOLIDAge

    Is there a way to set your desired arrival charge?

    Yeah that definitely isn’t it because mine is set to 20% and like I said it always wants me to arrive with at least 30%
  11. SOLIDAge

    Is there a way to set your desired arrival charge?

    I could’ve sworn I saw the setting when I first got my car but I have no idea where it was and maybe it was a fever dream and doesn’t actually exist. I’m wondering if there’s a way to set a preference to tell my vehicle what percentage battery I’m ok with having upon arrival at a destination...
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    Adding a profile photo??

    For some reason yesterday my car got rid of my profile picture and just replaced it with the first letter of my name. I tried to set it again and it just kept showing the first letter. I went into my contact on iOS (at the very top), hit edit on my photo(same phone but just hit edit) and went...
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    Thanks for the reply!
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    Just got home from driving 1550 miles to pick up my vehicle and noticed a nice rock spot on my hood. Has anyone used any clear coat for rapid red metallic that they can recommend?
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    How to Enable Plug & Charge in 7 Steps

    I picked up my car yesterday and I’ve not been able to get plug in charge to work. I called Ford today and although I had set it up, it showed as configured in the app, was enabled... BUT the VIN was not on my account(?) it was still assigned to the dealership so they added it, yet it still...
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    How do I filter to only show DC fast ev chargers when navigating?

    Just picked up my new car today, and I’m curious how I can make it to it only displays DC fast charging stations when I am navigating. I know this is a thing I can do I’m just not sure how to do it and neither is a dealership. Thank you