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  1. markboris

    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    Three months of driving my Mach-E UPDATE: I keep getting the same question from members and that is, how my range has been affected with the larger wheels and tires I installed just after I got the car. To recap, at around 200 miles or so, I changed out the OEM premium wheels and tires for...
  2. markboris

    Adding a decent subwoofer and amp to Mach-E

    I doubt you would notice any difference in mid bass leaving the OEM sub connected. It has such little output. There would be no harm leaving it connected though. The 12” model fits down in the indent perfectly with a little space left on the left and right side of the indent. The cargo floor...
  3. markboris


    Two Infinite Blue's at our state capital.
  4. markboris

    Ambient light in back??

    If you are handy, you can always add rear ambient lighting however you would need to choose a color as you won't be able to have it change colors like the front does. This is what I did.
  5. markboris

    Mach-E Canvasback Cargo Liner Protector

    That is the standard black, No special colored stitching. It took about 6 weeks to get it but I ordered it the day they announced the product. I believe they are made to order so I might take that long or maybe a little less.
  6. markboris

    Mach-E Canvasback Cargo Liner Protector

    Here are some photos. I really like this canvas liner. It fits really well even though it has some wrinkles but this is after I had just installed it. Took about 5 minutes total to install both side protectors over the rear quarter panel carpet and the one large protector over the rear seats...
  7. markboris

    This forum is giving me cold feet…

    You couldn't have said it any better. These are my thoughts exactly and any little issues I've had don't bother me a bit. This is one of the best cars I have ever owned and I'm 66. I enjoy it every time I go to the store or a long 200+ mile drive.
  8. markboris

    DC Charging Seems Expensive

    I charge at home (solar) 98% of the time and mainly use my MME for around town and short trips (less than 200 miles). However, on a few long trips I have taken, I've used several free public DC fast chargers just to try them out. In Yosemite National Park, there are about 6 DC fast chargers...
  9. markboris

    Another Signature Wheels Project Complete

    My signature wheels weigh a little less than yours (about one pound) but my tires weigh more since they are larger (couple of pounds). All and all, looks like you dropped about 6 lbs of weight at each corner for a total weight savings of 24 lbs over the OEM set up. That is 9 lbs less than my...
  10. markboris

    Another Signature Wheels Project Complete

    The color of your wheels look great on the carbonized gray. Now if you can drop the car about and inch and a half, it would look killer.
  11. markboris

    Signature Wheels Mach-E Adventures

    The color of those wheels look great on the canonized gray Mach-E. Now the car just needs to be lowered a bit. 😊
  12. markboris

    Mach-E Lowering Spring Development

    Not sure what this has to do with this thread Lowering Spring Development for the Mach-E. However, to answer your question, I have not seen or read of any RGB LED strip that you can hook up to the Sync system to match the the OEM ambient light that you choose. I keep my ambient light set on Ice...
  13. markboris

    Mach-E Lowering Spring Development

    Can you explain what you mean by color control?
  14. markboris

    Mach-E Lowering Spring Development

    You already know I want a set....
  15. markboris

    My first attempt to charge anywhere but at home. No go.

    Major, I have charged my car a few times now (maybe 7?) at EVgo stations and all worked instantly. If you have not already done so, you have to download the EVgo app on our phone. Once you sign up with your info you are ready to go. You pull up to an EVgo station, plug in the proper cord, go...
  16. markboris

    Mach E delays and lack of communication from Ford

    I thought I would chime in on the ordering of my last three cars. I ordered my Focus RS on October 14, 2015 the day the order banks opened up. I got a VIN In July of 2016 and the car was built on September 26, 2016. It arrived at the dealer on December 4th 2016. 14 months wait from the time...
  17. markboris

    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    I bought the springs from Ford and installed them myself. I do all my own work on my cars/trucks unless it is a warranty repair. I actually would not recommend this for softening the ride as It does not soften it all that much. I did it strictly to see if I could lower it a bit which it did...
  18. markboris

    Mach-E: The Existential Debate

    Here are a few more shots for you Michael.
  19. markboris

    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    Hey James, I installed springs from the Standard Battery Mach-E on my car which has the Extended Battery. It was an experiment to see if I could get the car a bit lower and it worked however only by about 1/2". The springs on my car are now weighted down by about 400 lbs which I think is the...
  20. markboris

    Mach-E: The Existential Debate

    Thanks David for the complement on the wheels. I love them too. They are Signature Wheels SV706's in gloss black. 20x8.5" front, 20x10" rear. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV 255/45/20 front, 295/40/20 rear. The entire setup was about 14 lbs lighter than the OEM wheels and tires. Some...