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  1. Orangefirefish

    Ambient Temperature High Warning

    In the 90’s closer to the bay here, I measured the temps on the exterior surface of the glass roof and it came out at 152 F. Good news is if you ever get stranded in a desert, you can use the glass roof as a glass cooktop. I think it will clean up real easy too 😛
  2. Orangefirefish

    PAAK in the car vs outside the car?

    Note- I haven't gotten mine updated yet for the PAAK software update, but was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Basically I get the impression as it is right now the car can't distinguish between a phone in the car, and a phone outside the car. My wife expressed concern about...
  3. Orangefirefish

    Did FORD lose your $500 reservation deposit?

    I’m assuming you used a credit card for the deposit, it should be pretty easy to see by both parties if it was refunded or not, just keep the documentation. It’s possible it was initiated and returned/rejected. Card or account change, etc. Ford initiated it, they can trace it, they just may not...
  4. Orangefirefish

    Tailgate open with foot swipe - need key fob or PAAK in your pocket? FordPass active?

    You know what’s funny is PAAK only works for the tailgate and kicking sometimes. I usually try 3-4 times before giving up, and look over my shoulder expecting to see the neighborhood laughing at me, the village idiot for kicking at the car.
  5. Orangefirefish

    SunnyvaleFord asking a 4k markup for our MachE

    The good news is, you won’t need much in the way of “service”.
  6. Orangefirefish

    SunnyvaleFord asking a 4k markup for our MachE

    Please please Ford… make an example, blacklist one of these dealers. “No more sexy cars for you, all you get is Ecosport.” That should get the point across.
  7. Orangefirefish

    SunnyvaleFord asking a 4k markup for our MachE

    Yeah, good riddance. Sounds like if it weren’t for the negative publicity, they wouldn’t have honored something they agreed to. Bad business practices, which is fine, places without repeat business don’t last long.
  8. Orangefirefish

    SunnyvaleFord asking a 4k markup for our MachE

    That’s awesome, congrats on the car and make sure you tell your friends to never shop there. I know I won’t! 😂
  9. Orangefirefish

    DIY install TorkLift hitch for bike rack, etc

    Nice Yeti. I considered doing something like this (used to just toss my MTB onto the tailgate of my truck) but I think for now I’ll just take the front wheel off and pop in the back with seats down. Thru axle front makes it tolerable these days.
  10. Orangefirefish

    Does anyone else have this issue - loose dash display?

    Mine is a little loose too, although I didn’t think too much about it, now I’m wondering if I should.
  11. Orangefirefish

    My Zoom meeting with many Ford Mach-E engineers/employees

    Hah yeah “what do you mean No Key Detected, how do you think I just got in the car???”
  12. Orangefirefish

    SunnyvaleFord asking a 4k markup for our MachE

    Think he posted the screenshot awhile back. That’s very shady of the dealer. To the OP Rohit, normally I’d say walk away but in some sense that’s what they kind of want you to do, so they can get more $$$. So just put your foot down, document everything they’re telling you, and make sure they...
  13. Orangefirefish

    San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    I would agree. Ford pass might often advise a 60-65% charge but at DCFC speeds, the time penalty to get to 75%-80% for a little insurance is worth it.
  14. Orangefirefish

    900mi road trip on I-5

    Totally, I mean the kid was egging me on the whole time so my foot just got heavier, and heavier, and... ;) thank God for CoPilot 360 assist. Kidding aside, I would say maybe, typically I reliably get 3.5mi on the highway (I haven’t analyzed driving myself vs with the family), so it‘s not...
  15. Orangefirefish

    900mi road trip on I-5

    Thought I would share some feedback from a recent road trip from the SF Bay Area down to SoCal. Took the wife and 3 year old down to San Diego for a few days, was really eager to test out our RWD SR Premium and get some real world charging data with highway driving up and down I-5. I did plan...
  16. Orangefirefish

    {Early Access Feature} Ford Intelligent Charging

    It does, but it only works if you have a regular charging schedule, ie plug it in every night around the same time. What would be more helpful would just be a manually configurable charge limit for both Android and iOS devices. For Ford Pass currently, simply because of how the utility here...
  17. Orangefirefish

    My Mustang burns hay...

    The first zero emissions vehicle! Oh, wait…
  18. Orangefirefish

    Mach-E: The Existential Debate

    Well, we call it the Mach E almost exclusively even to me “it’s a Mustang”, because the only people who have authority say whether it’s a Mustang say that it is. But Mach E is just easier to say. My wife overhead something funny while I was ferrying luggage to our room while our Mach E was...
  19. Orangefirefish

    Ford's electric Mustang tops Norway car sales in May

    Smart… Don’t get high off your own supply! 👍👍