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  1. First Experiences with Bike Hitch Mount on MME

    Garages and drive throughs have killed more bikes than other drivers 😀
  2. First Experiences with Bike Hitch Mount on MME

    Yes, but that was before I put the hitch mount on 😜. It didn’t usually work and I felt stupid trying it over and over. Now I have a folded bike rack on 85% of the time so I never use it. I will try pulling it off and seeing if it works.
  3. MME M/KWh Efficiency and M/kWh Calculation Accuracy

    It only gives a %, not the actual KWh.
  4. MME M/KWh Efficiency and M/kWh Calculation Accuracy

    That makes sense—you hear a powerful fan when you plug in and that is definitely going to take some juice. Still, I think looking at just the electrons burned while driving isn’t the right standard for efficiency. If I put 10G of gas in my ICE car, that is the denominator because it is about the...
  5. MME M/KWh Efficiency and M/kWh Calculation Accuracy

    Now that I have 1k+ miles on my Select AWD wanted to start playing around with the numbers 🤓. For the first Trip 2, I drove 1,055 miles* and the computer said a pretty impressive 4.1 Mi/KWh! However when I look at my ChargePoint I used 294KWh so that is really 3.6 Mi/KWh I’m still very happy...
  6. I decided to try a range test now that my GoM numbers are starting to climb a bit.

    Yes, but I’m not concerned with 3.6 (with a pretty light foot)—that is better than I expected to be honest based on some posts I’ve read. What I think is really cool is those 1,082 miles cost me $32 to drive at $0.108/kWh, not the $116 that it would have cost in my Mariner at 28mpg and...
  7. I decided to try a range test now that my GoM numbers are starting to climb a bit.

    I like your analytical approach. I was playing around with my Trip 2 which had 1,082 miles at 4.1 m/kWh and compared that to the charge data from my ChargePoint. Turns out 4.1 is really 3.6 in my car so about 12% off. That is a little more “off” than my Mariner Hybrid which read 30 mpg but got...
  8. First Experiences with Bike Hitch Mount on MME

    Thanks for the tip! I found the setting and it’s a huge help! Now my only issue is that the blind spot monitoring sometimes triggers when a bike is back there. Kind of annoying, but I don’t depend on that so it’s not a huge deal.
  9. First Experiences with Bike Hitch Mount on MME

    I have had my Thule T2 mounted to a TorkLift 2” hitch mount a few days now and it it is good to have the ability to bring my bike again!!! The reverse sensors are really finicky at times unfortunately. I have learned to wait a second or two after putting it in reverse so the radar off switch...
  10. RackStarz for the win! (Torklift Install)

    I got my hitch mount installed today by RackStarz and they did a great job. It took the pros about an hour and a half, although it was their first Mach E so I’m sure it would be faster next time. I would highly recommend them if you are in Colorado. Also, they did mention that Curt had a...
  11. PaaK should lock the car right?

    Thank you both! Having that number will be a big help! I will post back next week after I get this applied!
  12. PaaK should lock the car right?

    Thanks for the tip! I will do that ASAP. PaaK has been extremely frustrating for me — the one big blemish on myexperience so far! update: the service department has never heard of an SSM update and they see my car as “up to date” which it SHOULD be—I have only had it for a week. I made an...
  13. PaaK should lock the car right?

    Yep, there is a setting for that it looks like. 🤓
  14. PaaK should lock the car right?

    After a few days using PaaK and walking away from my car at the store, at daycare, and at the office, I had a paranoid moment and wanted to confirm it was locking the doors. I just left my phone on my desk and walked to the car to try it—and it was fully unlocked! When I was using the fob, it...
  15. 2 trips in a row with BAD directions from Nav!

    Two days in a row now I have received bad directions from the Nav system. Both destinations were places that I know but I was testing the nav. The first time wasn’t a huge deal—it told me that I got off at the wrong exit ramp and I should get back on the interstate. That would have worked but...
  16. New Owner - tools needed to remove frunk divider?

    I have done the screwdriver thing before with a lot of fighting and some breaking on my Honda so I bought the tool. It was $$ well spent—super easy!
  17. Stoked on Range: AWD Standard Battery Achieved 148 Miles on 50% of Battery

    Yes, Ford is doing themselves a disservice by being so conservative. Then again, I need to remember that this is summer when the mileage will be higher and the battery is new. Maybe they are selling it on a realistic range for real world conditions after a few years. For what it’s worth, I...
  18. DIY install TorkLift hitch for bike rack, etc

    Cool, I should delete my post then! Thanks!
  19. First Mach-E hitch available - Torklift EcoHitch!

    Great job Nikos and thanks for the pictures. The Select doesn’t have that fancy black plastic which means that I will need to take the whole bumper piece off I think... (posted in the DIY thread too).