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  1. Trick.Mach-E

    Our 1st long road trip with 4 passengers/luggage (440 miles each way)

    We have a First Edition (which is basically a Premium) with the extended range battery.
  2. Trick.Mach-E

    Our 1st long road trip with 4 passengers/luggage (440 miles each way)

    No you don't hear anything and we didn't put any ice in the frunk until we got to Barstow... so we had plastic bottles of water, bottles of beer and a few cans of soda sitting in the front and there was no noise that I could hear. And while the ice did melt pretty fast I never saw any water...
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    2019 LA Auto Show MME Intro Stage Show video with illusionistic immersive background

    It was right there at the 2019 LA Auto Show that my wife decided out of the blue she wanted the Grabber Blue FE! At first I kind of thought maybe she just really wanted to see the inside so putting down a refundable deposit was no big deal... Turns out I was wrong. We didn't talk much about...
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    2 trips in a row with BAD directions from Nav!

    We had a similar problem going to Las Vegas over the Memorial Day weekend. There was traffic outside of Barstow, CA in to Baker, CA and it was clearing up but the Ford NAV wanted me to go 150+ miles out of my way and stop for a charge! The time was longer even if there was worse traffic on the...
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    Our 1st long road trip with 4 passengers/luggage (440 miles each way)

    I saw those and they are a great option... Level 3 and free!
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    Our 1st long road trip with 4 passengers/luggage (440 miles each way)

    A couple laughed as they watched us put ice in the frunk at the Wal*Mart in Barstow. Nobody noticed me grabbing a drink at a rest stop near Mt. Pass and since it was pretty hot 95% of the ice had melted by the time we got to Vegas. The ice may have lasted longer had I filled the entire frunk...
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    Our 1st long road trip with 4 passengers/luggage (440 miles each way)

    We love long trips and do them all the time. One of our longest trips was 6300 miles from CA to South Dakota, then Wisconsin and over to Chicago (with lots of side trips on the way to Chicago) so we can cruise Route 66 back to CA. The following weekend after that 2.5 weeks on the road we did...
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    Our 1st long road trip with 4 passengers/luggage (440 miles each way)

    We took our first long road trip to Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend and overall the trip went as planned. We took off for Vegas at 5AM on Saturday and the plan was to stop in Barstow, CA for a 80% quick charge. I had planned on 3 people with luggage but our niece came with us so now we...
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    Ford lots are empty!

    Twice now Carvana has paid high book value for two cars we sold them (11/2019 and 02/2021). The first car we sold to Carvana (2017 Mazda 6 in 11/2019) they offered KBB retail for the car with 32k on it! I was shocked and was certain there was a catch to their offer but their purcahse was...
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    How much cheaper is your insurance when going to Mach-E?

    We are with Geico and our insurance went up about the same going from a 2015 Audi A5 Cabriolet to the 2021 FE.
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    2020 Ford Raptor, Sell or not to sell?

    Raptor's hold their value and Gen1 Raptor's are once again going UP in price... like everything else sure but far more than other cars. Yes you will make some money off the Raptor now but good luck finding another one cheap... you will pay a premium just like how you are getting a premium for...
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    Gasoline Shortage Summer 2021

    Let the swine and filth in their ICE dinosaurs run out of gas. The future is electric! I will laugh at all those in line to get gas as I drive by in my electric vehicle. Well, I will be doing that until PG&E shuts down the power grids and I can't charge my EV. I will then pull my 8MPG truck out...
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    Charging port door - flimsy or solid?

    I have the same for my Fusion Plug-in Hybrid and I thought at first it was flimsy but after 17 months it has not been a issue at all. As for the Mach-E, it doesn't really feel flimsy but it sure does stick out. How long before someone hits it as they walk between cars? Fortunatly most people...
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    Ford Tests BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving in “Mother of All Road Trips” Ahead of Mach-E OTA Software Update

    I noticed the PCH was on the list. It will be interesting to see how well the Mach-E does with tight curves heading in to (or out of) Big Sur!
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    New Owner Checklist?

    I signed up with Electrify America and EVGo for our Mach-E just to have options. I was already a ChargePoint user with my Plug-in Fusion. Be sure to check with your local electric utility. They may offer a cash rebate. PG&E did for us up until 12/2020. I did get $800 for our Plug-in Fusion...
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    First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    Messing around with the space time continuum could create a time paradox, the result of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum and destroy the entire universe! Granted, that's worst case scenario. The destruction might in fact be...
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    Frunk Performance

    We are going to Las Vegas this July so I plan to fill the frunk with beef stew and let it slow cook all the way to Vegas. By the time we get there in the evening it should be hot and ready to eat.
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    Electric Co gives $1k rebate for EV purchase

    PG&E did a $800 cash rebate for my 2020 Ford Fusion Plug-in Hybrid in 2020 and it would have been up to $1500 depending on the car. The program ended at the end of 2020 though so we couldn't do any rebate on the new Mach-E. Then again it may have been a one time rebate, I don't recall if it...
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    GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Unfortunately we got a door ding less than one week after buying ours! 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 The ding was right at the crease line as well. Galpin Auto Sports in Van Nuys, CA had their door ding guy fix it and it's perfect. If you are close PM me and I will put you in touch with the General Manager who...