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  1. Luke

    PaaK Announcement on FordPass – Software Update Coming Later This Year to Resolve Bluetooth Disconnection Issue

    Similar situation here. But they never called me, so I called them and the tech was supposed to call me back to Confirm the date and info about the update. That was 4 days ago…
  2. Luke

    Any OBD-II app that works yet?

    I use Car Scanner Pro (blue icon) on my iPhone 12 Pro. You need to use the app to connect the BLE on Viecar. It does not connect as a regular Bluetooth. I did some testing when cartoony from 60% to 80% on an EA. I had to use the same technique to multiply the current and battery voltage to get...
  3. Luke

    EA plug and charge at discounted rate

    Faster and you have a better monitoring app to check the charging session status
  4. Luke

    "missed it by that much..." - Android Auto and VLC

    I’ve been holding my breath waiting for an OTA that will add that option and access to record the dashcam, before I invest on the Android box to let me play the videos and a 3rd party dashcam. But I'm turning blue already 😵
  5. Luke

    PAAK Software Update for Phone-As-Key Bluetooth Connectivity Issue (CSP 21B36)

    soundlike it will eventually be an OTA for that.But I’m mostly interested in the mobile repair technician option. I did not know Ford had that option.
  6. Luke

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    I think someone posted here a picture of the European fob with the front trunk button. If that is real I wonder if we could order that here in US as a second fob 😬
  7. Luke

    Anti-Theft Alarm and Sensors

    Most of my alar mishaps was because of that feature. I keep the car in the garage and sometimes leave the window open. When you pass by the car the alarm trips. When PaaK works half way and allows you to open the car but somehow does not detect as a key, I got the alarm going off and had to type...
  8. Luke

    Feel Ripped Off

    Don’t worry they can take it out. I told my dealer I did not want any extras on mine. They still added the maintenance plan and gap insurance (I paid $20k down, so not needed. Still they wanted to tell it was mandatory. After a few questioning they removed it. I had to wait an extra hour because...
  9. Luke

    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    The SSM that fixes the PaaK issue does not require reprogramming on the phone (it did not on mine), but the dealer will need the key fob in order to perform the update. Maybe just to move the car in and out of the garage.
  10. Luke

    PAAK is finally working as promised.

    It might be related to the SSM49730. I asked the dealer to apply it my MME a few weeks ago. Before that PaaK would work less than 50% of the time. After the update PaaK failed to detect the key once.
  11. Luke

    Electrify America Home Charger Now Available

    This one seems to have the protocol ready for vehicle to grid. Probably to support the feature from ID4 that is planed to be released soon. I’m not sure the MME will have that.
  12. Luke

    iOS maps Adds EV Features

    there is a big chance this project was canned. Apple announced that about a year ago and mentioned they were working with BMW and Ford. one full year and nothing. I’m not sure if this is Apple’s fault or Ford’s.
  13. Luke

    What is the nickname or will be nickname of your MME?

    That is why I went "color" shopping from dealer to dealer to see all the contenders, and I liked the CG best. The red is awesome, but I had the same red on a mustang V6 and that did not aged well for me. Previous owner did not take care of the car and the color faded kickier than it should.
  14. Luke

    What is the nickname or will be nickname of your MME?

    Let's go deep into human philosophy: To name a thing is to acknowledge its existence as separate from everything else that has a name; to confer upon it the dignity of autonomy while at the same time affirming its belonging with the rest of the namable world; to transform its strangeness into...
  15. Luke

    What is your most annoying feature(s) of your MME????

    The only annoying “features” I can think are: * The seat auto adjust (aka Fat mode), it does not adjust to the set location after turning on the car. It stars moving into position and then stops. May I’m too fat and triggered something.😜 * The e-heat turn on a few minutes after turning the AC...
  16. Luke

    Ford's electric Mustang tops Norway car sales in May

    So the MMEs are all over Norway delivering pizza now?!?!?
  17. Luke

    {Early Access Feature} Ford Intelligent Charging

    I agree, that option to ask for your location and provider to check on optimum rates was there when I setup the charging over a month ago.
  18. Luke

    Could this be true or is it a gag with the MACH-E EV

    X Æ A-12 for president! 😉