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  1. FordPass Rewards Visa Card -- cashback strategies for Mach-E buyers

    I don't plan to go to a Ford dealer for cabin air filters and wipers, which is all a Mach-E will need. I don't generally own cars out of warranty either... so... the points are worthless to me it looks like, if they have no cash value. And there's no clear explanation of how to use them for a...
  2. FordPass Rewards Visa Card -- cashback strategies for Mach-E buyers

    This seems like a really bad deal, there's nothing in it for me, as the points aren't really "usable." Gas stations, not EV charging, and then usable for service - what service on a Mach-E? If I can't turn points into straight up cash back I'm not interested.
  3. Tesla Superchargers vs. CCS Network

    Definitely depends on the area. The CCS chargers in South Dakota definitely would be empty (as they don't exist) compared to Superchargers.
  4. Tesla Superchargers vs. CCS Network

    I keep seeing all the "full Supercharger" pics that go viral, and they're all in CA. All the Midwest and Ontario ones I've used, other than those 2 I mentioned, have been less than half full. I'd say over half the time I'm the only one there. The Superchargers in the midwest are downright lonely...
  5. Temp Color Options : Rubberized Paint or Wrap?

    I think that's a good price - I just wonder why Ford won't take my $3,000 for a custom paint color instead of having to pay some third party to wrap it.
  6. Preview of Mach-E’s Digital Interactive In-Vehicle Owner’s Guide

    You can download PDFs of owners manuals from now, I assume there's going to be some version for the Mach-E up at some point.
  7. Preview of Mach-E’s Digital Interactive In-Vehicle Owner’s Guide

    I hope so too! It'd be very easy to get that from the VIN, what wheel and color combination each vehicle is, and add the ability to change it manually as Tesla does now. I love that my Model 3 displays the correct color and wheels on the visualization and under the menus.
  8. Shopping for a Home Charger

    I've been using a standard 120V outlet with my Model 3 since new in December, 2018. I've got the NEMA 14-50 hardware and a 50A breaker ready to install, just haven't gotten around to it. My plan is to just use the Ford mobile charger and NEMA 14-50 adapter if I need to go to 240V at home.
  9. Mach-E Dashcam and Sentry Mode Updates

    I've never allowed anyone to drive any of my cars but me, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Regardless, it'd be saved to your drive profile anyway so it will automatically re-adjust when you get back in.
  10. Tesla Superchargers vs. CCS Network

    Yeah I do that on my drives, I've saved 40 minutes vs the Tesla "recommended" charging on an Atlanta-Detroit run by hitting every single Supercharger.
  11. Tesla Superchargers vs. CCS Network

    Indeed! I use TeslaFi to log all the data from my car, so I have a database of every charging session, date, time, charge curve, etc. Have that for every charge and every drive.
  12. Tesla Superchargers vs. CCS Network

    LOL what? I got paired with another car in Kingston, Ontario in July of 2019, and in Hagerstown, Maryland in January of this year. The other 112 sessions I haven't had anyone on the other twin of my Supercharger. That's only in the first 18 months of ownership, though. I'd say 50% of the time...
  13. Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    I didn't imply they didn't count. I'm just pointing out that even at 48 state coverage, they're better than some "nationwide" CCS networks that stop even farther short (EA).
  14. Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    What states have they ignored, other than Alaska and Hawaii?
  15. Mach-E Dashcam and Sentry Mode Updates

    All they needed was an integrated wiper/turn stalk with intermittent settings and everything would have been great, just like how everyone else with a column shifter does it. The auto wipers on the 3 suck in my experience so I don't blame this guy for needing to "help" the computer.
  16. GM and EVgo announce network expansion

    These are good baby steps. This doesn't solve what I think is the biggest (whether it's warranted or not) barrier to EV adoption - which is the "go anywhere" nature of cars is held back when a potential customer looks at all the places they can't go with an EV. They may not go to the UP every...

    The Carbonized Gray with all the black accents, black badges, clear lights... I'm warming to the idea of keeping mine gray and not wrapping it. Depends on how I feel after living with it, I guess.
  18. One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    I know a half-dozen PHEV owners who admit to behavior changes because of the PHEV, mostly just changing plans to account for range, but also some that as I said don't use heat in the winter, and wear extra warm clothes to drive without the heat, to some that will use expensive pay charging...
  19. One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    Because it's sold as a BEV for daily use, with a generator for longer trips. So you buy it under that assumption, and then you can't justify starting the engine just to go to Meijer *and* Home Depot on the same day since you only have 20 miles round trip from your plug, so you decide to go to...
  20. Key fob frunk access

    There's no reason to live without your phone, though. And the Mach-E has keypad entry, and PIN to drive... so you can drive without a phone OR a fob, so I'm not sure what the issue here is with cell service (since cell service doesn't impact whether the phone key works).