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  1. Kamuelaflyer

    BorgWarner supplying integrated drive module for Mach-E

    Is there an engineer around the forums that can translate this from Engineering English into common future MME driver English? ;)
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    Will 2021 EVs have similar value as NonEVs in 2031 used market?

    We haven't built the barn yet. The solar arrays are on the main house roof, all 36 of them. There are 3 inverters and 2 Blue Ion Batteries in the garage next to the MME's future parking bay. In our case, the fuel for the MME will be mostly free. That was part of the intent as well, our desire...
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    Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    F-150 Raptor, 2006 Toyota Tacoma (which does all the truck things you need to do), 2000 Jeep Wrangler, 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser (elsewhere in the USA). I'm not sure about the wealthy part though. ;) And some of those will go away when then MME arrives.
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    Ford Announces Jim Hackett to Retire as President and CEO; Jim Farley to Succeed

    He also helped straighten out the dealers out here during the beginning of the order process including personally responding to several inquiries made by others. I think you're correct.
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    Production runs & line output guesstimates

    The extra 30 days of build time (or so) is good news for everyone, even those likely to be in run 2 as many will have their MME's built earlier in the cycle as well. As long as the problems with the EU build mentioned in one of the posts are resolved in the intervening 8 (or so) weeks, then the...
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    Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    Be careful with that. My wife started talking about replacing her aging (as in 2000 model year purchased in 1999) Jeep Wrangler. I figured a new Wrangler or something similar. Maybe just bring the last MY Toyota FJ home from the mainland and be done. Nope .... 2020 Ford Raptor. :)
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    Best Guess for Delivery???

    In my case, they knew they were about to lose a sale. There are options, even in Hawaii. It all worked out in the end (order wise). As for the chargers, that's a nonissue on the island for the most part beyond what they need for servicing. Thanks for the info. :)
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    Best Guess for Delivery???

    Regarding the chargers ... that could very well be. I also have no reason to doubt you. I do know the dealer "nearest" me was putting in a 50 kW DC charger. That's fast charging out here btw. Nothing is faster. Anyway, they were making it sound like a major expense. But knowing the two dealers...
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    Best Guess for Delivery???

    Interesting. The entire problem with the MME in general and order, in particular, is 2020. The ordering started during a statewide lockdown and prohibitions on personal vehicle inter-island shipping by the sole company that does it (money reasons related to the pandemic, not a state rule). So...
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    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Meh. That's what FedEx is for. 30% battery charge or less. Feeder flight to Köln, Consolidated then off to CDG, then a nonstop flight to Memphis, another non-stop to Mexico City. Truck to the factory. 2 days door to door. All set. What's a super premium shipping bill matter when you could be...
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    Best Guess for Delivery???

    Meanwhile in the 50th state .... not a mention of the vehicle anywhere on the Hawaii Island dealer's website ... but there is this: Of the five dealers in the state, two have ads for the MME on their rotating banners (Windward Ford on Oahu and Valley Isle Ford on Maui).
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    Dog mode: keep me cool, or warm! I’m needy! And I slobber! Cat Mode: Hacks the Sync 4a, reprograms the efficiency of the batteries and motors, extends the range 6x, inputs the fastest route to the nearest tuna canning plant, implements level 5 self drive, curls up on the dash catching a nap...
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    Call from Dealer in reference to Ford Dealer rep.

    The local dealer here has never once initiated contact with me. Neither email nor phone. They’d never provide that information to us. I actually have my doubts that they’ll call to let me know my MME is here and available for pickup. So I’m glad someone is getting information! :)
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    Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    So .... effective June 30 everything except driving in the carpool lanes on Oahu went away. No more free airport parking. No free state or county parking lot parking ... nothing. So there’s quite literally no reason to get the “electric vehicle” plate now. That’s an extra $50 per year. If the...
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    Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    Exactly. Loading your MME or Tesla on the State Ferry to Juneau to use the chargers there is going above and beyond I'd say. :P
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    Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    If they're intent on ignoring 2 states, they're not going to pay attention to the needs of a rural buyer of their electric pickup. Tesla has had a single charging station in Hawaii in the "planning" phase for about 4 years now. It's not coming anytime soon. Permits still haven't been pulled...
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    Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    Contrary to popular opinion both of those states count. There have been more than 48 states since January 3, 1959.
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    Best Guess for Delivery???

    The math I’m using to guess on my delivery is to figure my percentile in overall orders. I’m in the 35,000 Rez/order numbers. That puts me roughly right at the “bottom” 30%. I’m presuming that this holds true for US orders as well and that cancellations or failures to convert will be evenly...
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    Mustang Mach-E Info From Dealers Training

    If Tesla ignores entire states in its supercharging network, there’s little chance it’ll even give a moments thought about rural truck buyers. The local Ford dealers out here will have the highest powered DC chargers in the state, courtesy of Ford’s arm twisting. Ford: 9 Tesla: 0.
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    If I can’t wear out my welcome around here, someone just trying to get some information certainly won’t. ;) Welcome to the forums. :)