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  1. My feedback from seeing 4 Mach E's side by side in Ford factory

    There are different levels of pre-production vehicles. The earlier vehicles are made using with a combination of soft/hard tooling and software is still being optimized. Production intent prototypes mean the vehicle must be manufactured with the same process, hardware, and software as production...
  2. My feedback from seeing 4 Mach E's side by side in Ford factory

    Also saw a similar feature to the Porshe Taycan (image below). SYNC will show a blue radius around your vehicle pointer on the map that communicates the max distance you can go \with your current range/state of charge.
  3. My feedback from seeing 4 Mach E's side by side in Ford factory

    Yup, for default they are just markets for each quarter.
  4. My feedback from seeing 4 Mach E's side by side in Ford factory

    There's also bunch of cool software and UI features that haven't been fully revealed yet. Here's just one example i haven't heard anyone talk about. If you noticed, there are pointers/markers on the battery state of charge gauge on the instrument cluster. I'm told that the purpose of these is to...
  5. My feedback from seeing 4 Mach E's side by side in Ford factory

    There are videos on youtube already of the latest vehicle builds that show the updated design. It has a bigger opening and there's nothing to get caught/stuck on, overall better design IMO. I thought it was pretty seamless opening the door. Just press button and then pull in one sequential motion.
  6. My feedback from seeing 4 Mach E's side by side in Ford factory

    Unfortunately I could not. I was in a Ford facility where pictures are not allowed.
  7. My feedback from seeing 4 Mach E's side by side in Ford factory

    These were the latest build "Production intent" vehicles and WOW. Not even trying to be hyperbolic but these vehicles are infinitely more beautiful in person than in pictures/videos. I 've seen the Mach E numerous times in peron before but I continue to be more and more impressed each time. The...
  8. Mach-E crash test results - when does this become public knowledge?

    2020 Ford Escape got a 5 star rating from NHTSA and a top saftey pick from IIHS.
  9. 10 things you didn’t know about Ford Mustang Mach-E

    It will perform better than other vehicles because each door has a strong electric motor that will break through thick crust of frozen sleet or ice and pop the door out. This was tested up to -40 F. There will be no door handles getting stuck like the model 3/y or doors getting stuck like...
  10. MME questions

    My personal must have features are heated seats, heated steering wheel and wireless apple carplay/android auto. Model y only has only 1/3 of those(heated seats) so it's a easy decision for me. I live in a cold climate so others may not value my preferences as much. Some other luxury touches...
  11. 10 things you didn’t know about Ford Mustang Mach-E

    Wind, road, tire, and external vehicle noise (other vehicles, construction, rain, etc)
  12. Shelby Mach-E Model Confirmed by Ford!!

    Because Mustang is now its own sub brand. The Mach E is a NEW Mustang, its not trying to be the Mustang coupe but does draw inspiration from it. The Mach E is a Mustang because of it's DNA, RWD based, mustang design cues (tri-bar, rear haunches, shark nose, muscular body lines), performance, and...

    I would agree with your assessment. I personally worked on a minor feature on the Mach E ( don't want to say what to keep anonymity) but I personally feel excited and proud when working on this program. It's the only vehicle ( besides maybe F150) where I am willing to do engineering...
  14. Reservation Automatically Converted to Order Overnight

    Yes please call Ford corporate, I don't trust your dealer.
  15. Reservation Automatically Converted to Order Overnight

    Your dealer is bullshitting. Can you post a screenshot of the email? Which dealer? Name and shame.
  16. ICONIC SILVER Mach-E Club

    Agree, before reveal the prototype units had all the wheels painted black for camo and they looked sick.
  17. Demo of startup video / opening sequence graphics (on screens)

    I can confirm this is more like a screen saver. This animation starts playing when you enter your vehicle. As soon as you press the Start button the vehicle will startup up.
  18. Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach E have the same rear issue?

    I was about to post this but you beat me to it. Mach E reverse brake assist will never allow you to back into something. It's quite robust. If someone wants to test it out the feature is already available on on current Ford vehicles like the lincoln Aviator. As someone else also pointed out the...
  19. Ford Performance Teases RTR Mach-E Mustang Collaboration, Reveal Coming 7/21

    Dark Horse will be a special variant that will slot above the GT. There could be elements from these test/prove out vehicles that will make it to dark horse production. Most likely won't be revealed until after the GT launches as it will launch after the base and GT variants. Stay tuned for...
  20. What is the likelihood being able to see and sit inside a Mach E before our own shows up?

    100%. All dealers will have a demo unit for show before any customer deliveries