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  1. Mach-E new video

    someone spotted Mach-E in Circa.
  2. Demo of startup video / opening sequence graphics (on screens)

    this is the hold mode i.e. runs when car is in acc mode with doors open or just doors open. This animation is not the startup sequence. That is just a drop.
  3. Spied: Ford Tuning a Racing or Performance Mach-E?

    Someone Seems To Be Testing Some Kind Of Mystery Racing Ford Mach-E And It Looks Like A Lot Of Fun A secret operative near the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research test track took a little hike...
  4. Tesla the most valuable car company in the world

    In that case, add $500 more and order a GT that can beat TESLA Y's booty any day. Ford has been improving MACH-E everyday. I'm pretty sure by the time these get delivered, these will be better than first released. Also, all current Mach-E specs are the results from in-factory and simulated...
  5. Tesla smashes Q2 also, check out Q2 2019 numbers for TESLA.
  6. Tesla smashes Q2

    Deliveries and sales are different for TESLA as well. Deliveries include previous quarter orders. As per california deler report, TESLA q2 sales in california, TESLA's major market, were down 37%.
  7. Tesla smashes Q2

    So to point 3, let me tell you this - since TESLA's report is just 'deliveries ' and not 'sales' I think you should wait until Q2 is out to make any conclusion. Also, dont forget that the 90k number is not USA, but 'world'. All OEM's report country sales separately but TESLA reports...
  8. Tesla smashes Q2

    You are missing the facts and not comparing apples to apples - 1. TESLA is 'alone' , running single in race. It will keep on winning until the second man comes in. 2. The sales figures reported by TESLA are 'worldwide'. As Tesla does not reported audited and country wise sames, most people...