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  1. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    A comparison on the purchase cost between MY LR AWD and MME ER RWD, based on my prefered configuration. MME ER RWD: Base: $50000 ER: $5000 Infinite Blue: $400 White Interior: $0 Delivery: $1100 Homelink: $0 Total: $56500 MY LR AWD: Base: $49900 Blue exterior: $1000 White interior: $1000...
  2. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    It's a fed tax credit, not a deduction from the vehicle purchase price. You pay full price when you buy the car, at which point the tax for $7500 is collected. Next year you get $7500 tax credit back, but the tax on $7500 are not returned back.
  3. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Note that you are paying tax in most states for the $7500, making it reduced to around $7K.
  4. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Take a look at build quality of MY: Not acceptable to me for a car over 50K.
  5. Video of Mach-E. Close up in MI. Skip ahead to 14:00.

    Screen seems quite responsive, no much lag noticed.
  6. Bronco Thoughts?

    First Edition sold out
  7. Tesla Drops Prices... Will Ford?

    Tesla will put LR RWD on market instead. I guess MY LR RWD will be below 45K. From Elon: "We have reduced pricing on Model Y LR dual motor & will offer a LR single motor Y in a few months, which improves affordability, while still keeping the product excellent"
  8. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Noticed that on the order confirmation page, the ford options 0.9% APR and 2500 incentive is not longer showing. Anyone else seeing the same?
  9. Demo of startup video / opening sequence graphics (on screens)

    It’s more like a screen saver. I will cry if it takes that long before I can move the vehicle.
  10. Tesla Drops Prices... Will Ford?

    Did some cost comparison (with my 9.25% local tax rate): MY LR AWD: $49990 MME ER AWD: $57700 + 693 (extra tax on $7500) - $7500 = $50893. ==> +$903 higher MME ER RWD: $55000 + 693 (extra tax on $7500) - $7500 = $48193. ==> -$1797 lower Now comparison on spec: 0-60: 4.7 vs 6.5 Max...
  11. Tesla Drops Prices... Will Ford?

    I am going to cancel my premium ER RWD order and simply go for MY. The final of the two are almost the same now but MY has the advantage of SC , AP, better range, dual motor AWD, faster 0-60, and better efficiency. No mention that no wait for 7500 back. At the current price point of MY, to me...