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  1. Preview of Mach-E’s Digital Interactive In-Vehicle Owner’s Guide

    Already "done". See
  2. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I-Pace production in Germany was put on hold earlier this year because of a delay in batteries from Poland which I believe is same Ford source. Batteries may well be what upends the Ford production schedule, especially if Ford uses a tight "just in time" production schedule.

    As a long time member I know and new members who have joined initially to get a discount will learn, the Mustang Club of America's primary focus is in two areas. First they sponsor local and national shows and second they produce an excellent monthly magazine. I suspect many new members will...
  4. Mach e GT model ready for delivery

    Warning - if you do not have a sense of humor move on to other threads. Mach e GT model (made for my niece's son for Christmas) completed and ready for delivery: Front and rear tubbed for wider wheels (goodbye frunck), glass delete (I like mustang convertibles - currently drive factory '65GT)...
  5. Video and images from Mach-E Concept-to-Design Presentation Today - Want that Yellow!

    where Excellent wrap shop near my dealer. When dealer gets their first car I'll have shop look at bumper. Issue will be the edge of the bumper where the "horse collar" stops which looks like it is part of the molded bumper. Other than that carbon fiber (real or simulated) wrap preserves the...
  6. Tesla Drops Prices... Will Ford?

    Looking out a couple years , watch price action at Telsa going into October. Watch LG (ford battery supplier via Poland) and SK Innovation (Korean company that is losing patent/technology stealing legal battle with LG and has two huge battery plants under construction in Georgia). If LG...
  7. Video and images from Mach-E Concept-to-Design Presentation Today - Want that Yellow!

    On a lighter note, from presentation the panelists referred to the grill as a "horse collar". Remember the last "horse collar " Ford grill ? Yes, that would be an Edsel. And they sold more of those in the first year than the Mach e is scheduled for. A shame they didn't use GT "grill" on the...
  8. Video and images from Mach-E Concept-to-Design Presentation Today - Want that Yellow!

    On paint, when asked how they selected the colors to offer the panel didn't even know what colors were available. Only comment was it is a big car that does not lend itself to bold colors. Really ?! Hope the do more presentations, but make it less a PR slide show and more informative.
  9. Change of Dealership

    Same - requested dealer change resulting from move on 6/29. My advice is communicate with your dealer - either old or new one. Mine did a good job of poking at Ford rep everyday last week.
  10. Change of Dealership

    Also 6/30 dealer change request resulting from move. Nothing yet. To add to worries that Ford corporate really is clueless this car is supposed to be on dealer allocation. All fine to say you have time to convert a reservation, but if selected dealer has already reached their allocation limit...
  11. Order site is up!

    ADM and bumped up deposits definitely the order of the day. Mine was $4000 ADM and $1000 deposit. I changed States so have to change dealers anyway. Nice job Ford - you had 6 months to get order site ready and telling people they can change dealers - true, but not on line for order only to...
  12. Order site is up!

    Same problem with Select reservation. Moved in April to a different state. Old dealer charging $4000 as well and I see no way to change dealer on order pages.
  13. Interview with Bill Ford says Mach-E U.S. orders start June 24

    Asked local dealer for update and they received notification of training materials today, so a bit a head of June 19 expected date. Dealer is relying on direct contact from Ford to customers to start reservation conversion to order process, but if issues arise (I moved from HI to TX for...