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  1. 2022 Mach-E Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Dates Released

    I doubt it will be anything like the early Teslas, it's still a bit too early to tell if there's some issues with the 2021 MME though. There's some troubling posts on here about complete HV battery replacements and issues, with parts taking months to arrive. It's possible those are fluke...
  2. Anybody else hate the 113 mph governor? [CLOSED: NO STREET RACING DISCUSSIONS]

    80 would be a bit weak, looks like you're on the east coast? Out here in the west there's still plenty of highways with 75 and 80 speed limits, with hours of nothingness between each point of interest
  3. 2022 Mach-E Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Dates Released

    Other than they were the first years and had some design flaws and issues, and those would be the ones to avoid
  4. 2022 Mach-E Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Dates Released

    What would be the point of accepting 2021 orders until September? That makes no sense given the lead time is 24+ weeks, which hasn't been updated in months, so is most likely even longer. Also didn't the CEO say 2021 was completely sold out back in like April or May? 24 weeks from September is...
  5. Summon feature wrecks a Tesla

    You'd have to be crazy to use some of these features I think. Probably just because Tesla only has them right now but in the future I'm sure you'll see articles about Ford BlueSummon and GM SuperSummon, whatever the same thing happening. Computer software and sensors are fallible
  6. Test drive - Premium AWD, with extended battery

    Would recommend driving some other EVs as well to compare. I'm sure I'll get flak for this but I liked the MME and had one on order, but when I test drove the Model 3 I did have that I must have it feeling and switched my order. Also the timing did factor in too, as the MME was going to take...
  7. Rivian raises another $2.5 billion as it looks to build a second factory

    The Ford investment seems interesting
  8. Mach-E battery tray and cell teardown - by Sandy Munro

    The 2021 M3 has an 82KWH pack with 77KWH usable, the pre 2021 had a 79 KWH pack with 73.5 KWH usable That comes out to about 94% usable compared to 96.7% on that 2017-2019 Bolt. MME is 89.7% usable
  9. Where is the love?

    It could always be people out on a test drive too
  10. Tesla to open charging network

    That's what they are designed for, it's not designed to be a fast charging road trip type charger. You use the fast charging network to get to where you're going and then some sort of L2 charger where you're staying to keep topped up.
  11. Tesla to open charging network

    Destination chargers are free, and the cords are actually pretty long (not like supercharger cables)
  12. Tesla to open charging network

    I didn't really think about that, but I think it's unanimous that people hate dealerships. Actually back when I had my MME on order when I walked into the Ford dealer and was asking about ordering and test driving and the sales guy laughed and said "hah, good luck"
  13. Tesla to open charging network

    I dunno about that, people still think Tesla is this cult brand and you have to have stock or follow Elon Musk on twitter to own. It's becoming a mainstream auto manufacture now. They sold more than Audi did last month in the US. There's probably many people on the fence shopping for an ICE...
  14. Tesla to open charging network

    It's gotten worse in the past couple weeks it looks like, now delayed to October. All I was saying is availability might be having some impact on people's decisions. Let's imagine "people" have no brand preference
  15. Tesla to open charging network

    Don't care about Elon or TSLA stock, don't know why people keep quoting a stock symbol? I guess I could start calling Ford just F. Anyway.. I was talking about people in general who might be looking for a EV SUV. What options are available to those people who want something in say the next 1-2...
  16. End Is Nigh for One of Tesla’s Last Remaining Advantages

    Wasn't aware that discussing something was trolling? I will say though I've see so many nasty comments and grumpy people on here that I've not seen on other forums. This includes other brands and non car forums as well, don't know if this is just a Ford thing? Some people get so hurt about...
  17. End Is Nigh for One of Tesla’s Last Remaining Advantages

    Splitting hairs, the point was the previously mentioned J1772 was for AC charging. CCS coming out in 2011 or 2012 is irrelevant, the Model S was announced in 2008 and was presumably under development before announcement (2006-2007 ?) CCS coming out in 2011-2012, Car under development somewhere...
  18. Tesla to open charging network

    I think some people are choosing them because you can actually get them, the MME at least for people ordering right now is essentially vaporware. Looking at 5-6+ months and most likely a 2022 model year. Ford could at least publish colors and options for the 2022 so the people ordering now know...
  19. End Is Nigh for One of Tesla’s Last Remaining Advantages

    Isn't J1772 just AC though and lower power? Was there a DC fast charging standard? CCS didn't come out until mid-2012 with actual cars supporting it until 2013-2014 The CARB regulation of 2001 mandated the usage of SAE J1772-2001 beginning with the 2006 model year. Later requirements asked...