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  1. First Mach e Hate crime in SoCal!

    Clearly a Trojan.
  2. "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    Ironically I've heard the opposite. One person said, "Damn, there are so many options in those settings I bet not a single iPhone user would be comfortable with this car. Must be mostly bought by Android users." This person associated iPhone users with liberals.
  3. Anyone found a front window sunshade?

    Apparently you don't live in California. Almost every store, every restaurant, every place of business has a Proposition 65 cancer warning. It's become an icon for making bad laws. If you warn at every turn people will become numb to them and just ignore the warnings. Kinda like the warning...
  4. "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    I don't understand why people are annoyed at others being annoyed about the Mustang name.
  5. Anyone purchase extended warranty

    I bought the Premium care from Lombard Ford 3000 miles away. 8 years, 100,000 bumper to bumper (including 1 free fob each year) for $1,664.
  6. Interior Cabin Filter

    If you've ever watched Ask This Old House you'd learn that duct tape is the last thing (meaning never) that you want to use on ducts.
  7. Car Phone Mount for the Mach E

    Out of curiosity, why do you need your phone mounted while driving? I keep mine in my pocket.
  8. Center Touch Screen and Dash Display - Screen protector

    I put the matte screen protectors by theOCDplug on both the infotainment screen and the instrument cluster. Day and night difference. No more fingerprints and no more glare. It looks like it should without any loss in clarity. I also added the Pillar protectors by them and they look great.
  9. Simulated engine sounds

    The most appealing thing about an electric car to me is that it's QUIET.
  10. Mach-E Thermal System - In Depth Look by Sandy Munro

    Going with what they know reduces the variables needed to hit the ground running. This lets them concentrate on what has to be done differently for an EV. I believe that for Ford's first all EV car this has been a very good job so far. Yes, there have been some software glitches but they'll...
  11. Active Drive Assist -Lane Change?

    Thanks for the information. I just never heard anyone mention it on the forums.
  12. Active Drive Assist -Lane Change?

    You're the first I've heard about radar. Is there radar? If so, why has no one mentioned it?
  13. Lots of attention

    Ironically, I get almost no attention here in SoCal. This area is littered with so many EVs that nobody pays attention any more. 40% of all electric cars in the US are in California and I'd bet more than half of those are in SoCal.
  14. Prospective Buyer without ability to charge at home

    I live in SoCal and my actual insurance rate with Farmers on the Mach E is less than it was on the 2009 Ford Edge that it replaced. As to electrical rates: SoCal Edison charges me 7 cents per KWH after 10pm. I have solar so I pretty much pay net zero for fuel.
  15. Love Hate

    Sounds like you haven't bought a car in a while as most of your list pertains to pretty much all new cars.
  16. How many Fords have you owned?

    I've owned a lot of Fords (even a Pinto) and this is my 5th Mustang. The best Mustang by far.
  17. Ford Might Ask Dealers to Install Chips in Unfinished Cars

    So, when you take your car in for repair and it's determined that the chip needs to be replaced, you expect an expert from Ford to come and do it?
  18. Newer Mach-E Owner, a “what if” question about power loss while driving

    In California driving in neutral is illegal.
  19. Just got our Mach e4 X two days ago!

    Why does it matter what other people think of the car? I don't buy cars for acceptance by others.
  20. Munro Mach-E Teardown - Thermal System Part 2

    Drama. Munro is all about drama. Must have been a real pleasure working with him.