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  1. Texas-E

    Munro Mach-E Teardown - Thermal System Part 2

    I had no idea about your credentials until you just stated them... so it wasn't a slam-on you. Sorry that you took that personally. My point is that again, flagging one design as good or bad based on a parts count and the dumping of a Home Depot box on a work table in theatrical fashion...
  2. Texas-E

    Munro Mach-E Teardown - Thermal System Part 2

    As a real engineer (one with a degree and not just "engineer" added to my title), I can tell you that elegance of design and real-world implementation don't always go hand in hand. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what "more efficient engineering" means to you, though. I'd love for us...
  3. Texas-E

    Munro Mach-E Teardown - Thermal System Part 2

    I'm sure there is a lot of room for improvement. I'd love for him to spend time talking about repairability vs. assembly ease in his videos, though. I really don't get my feelings hurt by his videos. I think he is biased, and it is obvious, though. Flopping parts out of a beat-up Home Depot...
  4. Texas-E

    So this thing tops out at 113?

    I almost bought a Contour SVT, but I read on a forum about PaaK not working very well and canceled my order. I even had a name picked out and a start to a nice gripe list... thank God I dodged that bad decision 😉
  5. Texas-E

    Tesla to J1772 adapter

    I bought a Teslatap for the same reason. More options are a good thing!
  6. Texas-E

    Road Trip - SAT -> DEN -> SAT

    I bought my Mach-E to be an in-town vehicle, but that is disappointing that so many stations were out of order. I've lobbied our Texas grocery store to start putting in stations other than Superchargers.
  7. Texas-E

    Rear seat car seat latch spacing?

    1. Spacing between two middle latch clips.--- A little over 20" from outside edge to outside edge. 2. Total spacing from LR door arm rest to RR door arm rest--- Looks to be 52", It is kind of hard to get a good measurement, though.
  8. Texas-E

    Mustang Mach-E wins Car and Driver's 2021 EV of the Year award

    Honest question-- why are you here? You seem to be happy with your choice, and I can't for the life of me understand why you are posting?
  9. Texas-E

    Another Weekend Trip, Another problem

    You definitely should cancel your order. Post your order details on the board so someone who is looking for one can contact your dealer, too.
  10. Texas-E

    San Antonio / Austin Ford Dealers

    Ford of Boerne isn't bad to work with. Not very far out of town, especially if you are on the Northside of SA.
  11. Texas-E

    Post up your custom plates!

    I don't have custom wording, but I did get the black plate. I think it looks much better than the white. If you are interested, the WeatherTech Plate Frame looks really good with it, too. Matches the black trim almost perfectly. It fits pretty flush on...
  12. Texas-E

    Electrician just installed a 60A breaker over 8/3 Romex

    I think it is pretty hard to inspect installed electrical, other than eyeballing gauge and connections. The jacket material is hidden, along with the printed specs. OP- you are getting all kinds of comments and advice on this thread. I'd ask you to think about a car and the fuses in it...
  13. Texas-E

    Electrician just installed a 60A breaker over 8/3 Romex

    I'm not trying to scare you, but think for a minute about why you have a breaker in the first place. It isn't because you trust the device plugged in and the wiring. Should you be ok with the mobile charger that came with your car... yes. The 48amp for something like the ChargePoint (that I...
  14. Texas-E

    How many removed the Frunk Divider?

    I removed mine within 24 hours of taking delivery.
  15. Texas-E

    What level 2 charger is everyone purchasing for home use?

    There are a lot of great chargers available, so this isn't in response to your choice. ChargePoint Home Flex encourages an internet connection, but it works without one. For initial setup, there is a workaround (on their site) to set the correct amperage. Otherwise, it will work without...
  16. Texas-E

    Acidic bird poop dissolved paint!

    I agree, but it might be worth a try. The worst they can say is no, which puts you right at the place you are now.
  17. Texas-E

    Free nighttime EV charging in TX -- for GMs

    You had me until I read Location New Jersey 😂
  18. Texas-E

    Acidic bird poop dissolved paint!

    Sorry you are dealing with this... I would be PO'd, too. I'd try the warranty path and would go the honey route vs. scorched earth. I found this, and it seems like not an uncommon issue, which kind of floors me.
  19. Texas-E

    What are y'all doing with your OEM carpeted mats?

    I stored mine in this big green rolling trash can that got pushed out to the curb the first Thursday after I took delivery. :eek:
  20. Texas-E

    MME vs. RDX - Experiences?

    I had a 2016 RDX and traded in a 2020 MDX on my MME. Space-wise, I feel like the MME and RDX stack up favorably. I'm 6'6" so every fraction of an inch matters to me. The ride is different and the Mach-E is certainly a little sportier. Some look at that as a positive, but I wish the MME was a...