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    The Nerd Herder is on her way!

    I got in touch with Carvana, and they have agreed to honor the original quote. Yay!
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    Range efficiency:Wheel size 18" vs 19"

    You can compare the Rt 1 range (RWD, ER battery, 18" wheels) to the Premium RWD ER range and guess that the difference is about 5 miles. That is based on Ford's EPA rating, though, and there is a lot that we don't know about how they came up with those numbers. I suspect the improved...
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    My Travels With Marlin (GB FE)

    Yup, that worked.
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    My Travels With Marlin (GB FE)

    I can’t see them either.
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    Creep mode

    So, it's 1PD, but it only slows you to around 1 mph, and then you need to use the brake pedal to completely stop?
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    What car did you give up for MME??

    A 2001 Honda S2000 and a 2011 Cadillac CTS Wagon. The MME quite nicely replaces both of them. Except for the S in the twisties, but those don't exist in central Ohio, and I stopped autocrossing years ago.
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    Virtually impossible to brake smoothly

    I notice the braking is jerky, but only when backing up, especially when backing out of my garage. My garage is fairly tight, so I usually stop once to make sure the mirror is going to clear, once to close the garage door, and once to check for pedestrians and traffic. Along with the 3...
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    Mach E issues.. Hello Ford are you listening ?

    I got the propulsion sound not turning on glitch today. Is that one that usually clears on its own? I saw it in some of the early videos, but haven’t heard much about it since. Thanks! Scheduled for Friday. A new one for me today, the propulsion sound setting won’t stick. I saw that on some...
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    Mach E issues.. Hello Ford are you listening ?

    The biggest glitch I have - and I know I'm not the only one - is that I have to open another door (not the hatch) before the driver's door will respond with wake on approach. If I manually unlock the car, then it is fine. The response is the same with the fob or PaaK. I'm using an iPhone 11, and...
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    Summon feature wrecks a Tesla

    Do not taunt Smart Summon.
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    The Nerd Herder is on her way!

    So this is crazy. I uploaded all of the info to Carvana today, including the odometer picture. I had gotten the initial quote estimating 93000 miles, giving me some buffer since I didn't know exactly when the MME would arrive. Today's mileage is 91900. Carvana emailed back saying that since the...
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    The Nerd Herder is on her way!

    I finally figured out why my open on approach is acting off. I’ve got the glitch where I need to open another door before the drivers door will open. The exterior lock button on the drivers side doesn’t work either, passenger side is ok. Walk away lock does work well and so does pressing the...
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    The Nerd Herder is on her way!

    i saw a GB in Sunbury yesterday late morning. Waves exchanged. Wasn’t you, was it?
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    Fordpass/ Mach E est. distance to empty

    Yes, pretty much everyone has had this happen. The expected range is quite pessimistic at the beginning. Look at your actual usage per trip, and use that to calculate your real range. Your car has been on quite a bit during build but traveling basically zero miles. That w/mi consumption rate is...
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    Ford Options Incentive Cash Removed?

    OP, I confirmed that X-Plan page isn't showing the incentive any more for any zip code I tried - definitely strange. If I build one on the Ford website, and then click on the Finance Calculator, the incentive still shows.
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    The Nerd Herder is on her way!

    The elusive welcome lights. These are so cool to show off, I wish they could be turned on manually.
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    Lots of attention

    I got my haircut at lunch yesterday. I told my barber he should take a look at it after. He walked out, got about 30ft away then ran back into the shop. He came back out with the rest of the shop. I've seen 4 people checking it out while I've been driving it - I've only had it 2 days now. My son...
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    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Change form submitted with delivery date. Yay!
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    Ford Options Incentive Cash Removed?

    I got it when I got mine on Wendesday.
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    The Nerd Herder is on her way!

    This thing gets attention. I took my son and one of his friends for a 10 minute ride. After we got home, I mentioned that I saw one guy staring at it. My son said, "Dad, there were like 5 different groups of people staring at it." I got my haircut yesterday, and told my barber he should take a...