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  1. Scooby24

    Reduction Gear Oil changes?

    I like this approach. After all...if it's as simple as a transfer case/differential/manual transmission drain and can't hurt anything, cost hardly anything, or take any time.
  2. Scooby24

    Reduction Gear Oil changes?

    You're probably right, I've had the same experiences with gear oil lasting a long time on good cases/differentials. I don't know enough about the maintenance of EVs but I do wonder if the intense torque is significantly harder on the gears.
  3. Scooby24

    Reduction Gear Oil changes?

    Saw this video on the Kona EV and how bad the gear oil looks after only 24k miles. Makes me wonder if we should be proactively considering doing a gear oil change every 10-20k miles?
  4. Scooby24

    How to adjust charging percentage on the screen - Video

    Camera sensor scan rate different from refresh rate of screen.
  5. Scooby24

    Very satisfying to see

    Now, actually HIT that!
  6. Scooby24

    Production Schedule for my GTPE!!

    Sorry to hear. I'm fairly certain there are production runs that accomodate a set number of vehicles. A less popular configuration like a Star White probably had less preorders so while they would have gotten priority, if there weren't enough to fill the production run, they bring in non...
  7. Scooby24

    Production Schedule for my GTPE!!

    Check your order! Ordered 6/24, no reservation, star white MME GT. Just got production date of 9/26.
  8. Scooby24

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    DAMN they must be ramping up. Just got scheduled for production 9/26 when I placed my order, non reservation, 6/24 for MMEGT
  9. Scooby24

    Grabber Blue Base Mach-E GT Spied

    I'm glad to hear the ride is good on the GT. Makes me feel more comfortable with the choice to not get the PE.
  10. Scooby24

    What car did you give up for MME??

    Same justification. M40i perfect road trip car and the wife's daily driver. MMEGT for me since I work from home and virtually never drive more than 50 miles a day. We are also installing a 13.86 kwh solar system to combat all my conservative friends that are like "bUt ThE gRiD cAn'T hAnDlE eVs".
  11. Scooby24

    What car did you give up for MME??

    Do you have the ventilated seats? I know those are less comfortable but when I got the M40 I got quite lucky on a 2 year lease turn in that was babied and had all the features I really wanted (except ACC). We just came back from a trip to Branson and managed 32.3 mpg down and 33.1 back. Just...
  12. Scooby24

    What car did you give up for MME??

    We are keeping our M40i, I just love it far too much. So I'm gonna trade or sell my F25 35i
  13. Scooby24

    Virtually impossible to brake smoothly

    That's the tires, I'm certain of it. Had coilovers on Foresters with stock sized tires and the stiffer suspension due to the weight of the vehicle with larger tires causes a whole lot of wobble coming to a stop. Lower profile tires with stiffer sidewalls and more pressure remedied that on my...
  14. Scooby24

    Lots of attention

    This exactly why I changed my order from grabber blue to star white. I saw videos of pov driving and that bright blue hood and the toyishness of it would have bothered me.
  15. Scooby24

    Funny as heck

    Have seen the same problems at many of my hospitals. Working in Surgery, you wouldn't believe the number of narcissists we have here. I'd bet some will drive EVs and believe they are entitled to use those EVSE spots as EV PARKING spots. Oh sorry
  16. Scooby24

    Virtually impossible to brake smoothly

    How new is your vehicle? Brakes take some time to wear in pad material needs to transfer from pad to rotor to change the way the pads grab onto a rotor. In my experience after a fresh rain, washing, new brakes, they all are more prone to squeaks, creaks, and has inconsistent bite. A good...
  17. Scooby24

    Virtually impossible to brake smoothly

    Have you bed in your brake pads?
  18. Scooby24

    RESOLVED SUCCESSFULLY - JuiceBox Charger cord length not as described

    So what you're saying is...the juice was not worth the squeeze? I'll see myself out.
  19. Scooby24

    Driver Door Not Recognizing Fob

    Heard of several others having issues with some doors not working appropriately, esp driver's door. Probably needs to see the dealer.
  20. Scooby24

    2022 Mach-E Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Dates Released

    I'm betting these timelines aren't going to apply to the GT.