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  1. "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    I think it's a little different here in Germany. We are not a muscle car country, so no negative reactions yet. But: "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!" --> 'I do not care'
  2. Mach E issues.. Hello Ford are you listening ?

    That's right. But I think my ears are still good with my 38 years. Do you know the annoying mole beeper for the garden? I hear and hate them.
  3. Mach E issues.. Hello Ford are you listening ?

    Funny thing is my IPC is "quiet". When I put my ear directly on it, I can hear a buzzing, but that's it. But I bring the charging noise (mostly in europe) to the list.
  4. First Mach e Hate crime in SoCal!

    What did he tweet? Opening charger for everyone? Or again something regarding bitcoin and dodgecoin and the mustard attacker is homeless now and "pissed"? :D
  5. Insane charging noise

    And the theory is gone ... :D Thx
  6. Insane charging noise

    When did your cars were build? It seems that cars built before March have not the problem. So some findings in our german mach-e forum.
  7. Mach-E Thermal System - In Depth Look by Sandy Munro

    Anything what could explain why the charging is so loud with 3 phases and 16A (germany)? Bad cooling of ac/dc converter?
  8. Am I the only person that didn’t realize that you need to tap the onscreen open rear hatch button twice?

    Well ok ... But still I think it's for security. On 'coffee to go' cups is an hint that the coffee could be hot... :p
  9. Am I the only person that didn’t realize that you need to tap the onscreen open rear hatch button twice?

    Maybe it's a security thing. Double tap prevents the opening on accident, when you just scroll through the menus. Your are waiting at a traffic stop or traffic light and your scroll through the menus. Now you touch accidentally the button for the hatch and it opens. That would suck I guess.
  10. New software update (via dealer)

    Apple Maps information on middle display is awesome! BUT there are no updates in germany yet. Really annoying
  11. OTA 1.6.0 Power-Up Installed

    And I don't know if my car has power-Up 1.3.0...
  12. OTA 1.6.0 Power-Up Installed

    Where can you see the actual ford power-up version? Is it under navigation settings --> version?
  13. Was SR RWD a mistake?

    I am driving a RWD SR 2 weeks now and I am missing nothing. I thought I would miss folding wing mirrors but I don't. Folding mirrors are just few centimeters. Not worth talking about. What do you think you are going to be missing?
  14. [Updated with lane change assist video] Something I didn't know about the Mustang Mach-E until I owned it!

    The limiter recognizes speed limit signs and limits to that limit. Didn't know that.
  15. Insane charging noise

    I looked at the voltage during charing on my wallbox. All three phases has only maximum 213 volt, no more. Does anybody know if the ac/dc converter is watercooled?
  16. Insane charging noise

    Tested it today a bit. Charging with 13 Ampere, so about 8 kW, the car stays quiet. When I am raise the ampere to 14A, the car is unpleasantly loud So what ampere did you use? Did some videos today One minute after starting with 11kW (16A) 5 minutes after starting with 11kW 10 minutes...
  17. Fix for loose trunk cargo cover in Mach-E

    Noice! I have a problem when the rear windows are down that the cover is flying up and down. I open most the passenger window and the diagonal rear window and the cover is flying...
  18. Anti-Theft Alarm and Sensors

    Nowhere is an information what for an alarm system is in what car equipment. In the manual is no note for example "depending on equipment". I am finde when my car has the system alarm without interior sensors. I will test it like makooy did it.