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  1. AZBill

    Ford’s Top 3 Tips to Prolong Battery Life

    Did you set it in the car? I set the limit in the car to 80% and that is what I get every time. I went on a trip a few weeks ago and set it to 100% the night before, that worked fine also.
  2. AZBill

    My trips ... add a waypoint ???

    I tried it from my PC, and yes, it does work with Google maps.
  3. AZBill

    My trips ... add a waypoint ???

    I don't have Google maps, but it does work with Apple maps on my iPhone. I assume it would also work with Google. It asks to choose a routing app within Plugshare to start a trip.
  4. AZBill

    My trips ... add a waypoint ???

    Also, Plugshare has the rating system and user comments for every site. Those are EXTREMELY important when planning a trip. If a site has a rating of less than 10, look at all the recent comments. EA even posts messages on Plugshare indicating known outages, or they will post if they just...
  5. AZBill

    My trips ... add a waypoint ???

    Plugshare has a trip planner that you can add stops to and it works for free on CarPlay. I have also noticed that ABRP does not update with new stations as quickly as Plugshare.
  6. AZBill

    My trips ... add a waypoint ???

    I have tried ABRP with CarPlay and it wants me to pay money for the feature. Plugshare works with CarPlay, for free. I can tell you this, the MyChevrolet app for the Bolt works way better than the Ford Pass app for trip planning, and even predicts usage much better than ABRP. I just plugged...
  7. AZBill

    Is Infinite Blue permanently discontinued?

    It has been discontinued. I placed an order with a dealer back in May, and wanted Infinite Blue color. Ended up ordering a CA Route 1 in Space White. A few weeks later I found an Infinite Blue Route 1 at another dealer and bought it off the lot. Had to pay a 2.5K markup, but it was worth it...
  8. AZBill

    My trips ... add a waypoint ???

    The Ford Pass and the car navigation cannot even agree on a trip from Phoenix to Vegas. The most direct route is US-93 all the way. That takes you through Kingman, AZ which has an EA charger site. Yesterday on the Ford Pass app it routes me through Flagstaff, using I-17, then I-40 west to...
  9. AZBill

    My trips ... add a waypoint ???

    I cannot find this option in the latest app 3.27, and the trip planner is very buggy. I currently have my car set to charge to only 80%, in this update it does not allow me to adjust the charge to 100%. I was able to do that previously. It also misses a charger on the route from Phoenix to...
  10. AZBill

    Premium Mach-E vs Route 1 Dilemma

    I live in Arizona, the desert, and went with Route 1, I wanted maximum range, I believe range is king with EVs. Heated seats and AWD are completely unnecessary. I have a 2017 Bolt and have driven it in snow one time on a trip to Flagstaff. No problem at all. I grew up driving RWD only cars...
  11. AZBill

    BlueCruise appears in Connected Services

    It showed up online for me earlier today, but never got to an activate screen. Now it is completely gone. Never showed up on the mobile app.
  12. AZBill

    Do you unplug your Mach E during a thunderstorm?

    Phoenix summers see threats of T-storms every night, and I only charge at night due to lower rates. I have had a Volt (2013), Bolt and now MME, never unplug, and not worried about it.
  13. AZBill

    900 Mile Road Trip Report

    That is certainly an odd bug. I have had two instances where the Frod maps could not find an address, in both cases I used Apple maps as the backup and found them. At least Ford has not locked out CarPlay, like some OEMs are doing (Tesla and Rivian).
  14. AZBill

    First Mach e Hate crime in SoCal!

    Mental defect for sure.
  15. AZBill

    900 Mile Road Trip Report

    I use my BGMP (Built in Gray Matter Planner) for charging stops. Works very well. I understand not trusting the numbers, but when ABRP tells me I cannot make the trip that is not useful, especially when the BGMP planner knows better.
  16. AZBill

    900 Mile Road Trip Report

    You are getting opposite results from me. ABRP has 3.13 mile/KWH default. I took a trip up a 6000ft elevation change (180miles, mostly driving 75mph) and ABRP predicted an average usage of 2.1 mile/KWh. In the car was 2.8, when I arrived at the charger. ABRP told me I would only have 7%...
  17. AZBill

    900 Mile Road Trip Report

    My experience with ABRP, for my Bolt and the MME, it that it is very inaccurate. You would have to change the assumptions by a large amount to get them to match.
  18. AZBill

    Tire pressure impact on EV driving range

    They could also write an article about ICE MPG efficiency with respect to tire pressure :)
  19. AZBill

    [Solved] Stupid question of the day

    ICE vehicles have transmissions with variable gears for low and high speeds, that is the major difference. You can run a gas or diesel engine at lower RPMs at high speeds. An electric motor with only one gear has to run much faster at high speeds. As for weather, an ICE vehicle uses a...
  20. AZBill

    Blue Oval Charge Network Electrify America Charging Membership

    They should be able to do this. I have 2 EVs and the VIN numbers are entered in the EA app already. My Mach E supports P&C, but my Bolt does not.